The first people to live on Mars ‘have already been born’ says NASA scientist

Rob Waugh
It’s been six years since the Mars rover Curiosity landed on the Red Planet (NASA)

The idea of living on Mars seems like the stuff of science fiction, but the first people to live on the Red Planet have probably already been born, a top NASA scientist says.

In an interview with USA Today, NASA chief scientist Jim Green says humans will ‘absolutely’ go to Mars – but he warned it won’t be an easy ride.

Green says that NASA aims to send someone to the Red Planet by 2040 – but the agency needs to work out how to land a larger vehicle.

NASA landed a one-ton vehicle in 2012, but will need to land a ten-ton vehicle to put people on Mars.

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The first travellers to Mars would need to wear space suits all the time, due to Mars’s extreme temperatures, and would need to work out how to farm.

Green says the planet could offer, ‘a brand new life with brand new vistas’.

Green says that NASA’s recent discovery of the building blocks of life makes Mars even more attractive.

Green says, ‘Now, we see Mars is an even better location for having past life. It’s just getting better and better.’