Food flight! Tech firm creates 'drone waiters' to take burden off catering staff

Yahoo News.
Droning on: One of the in-flight meals in action in Singapore. (Caters)

A tech firm have created a restaurant idea which could really take off - food presented by drones waiters.

Infinium Robotics have created the drones, Infinium-Serve, to help compensate for the labour shortage in Singapore's catering industry.

They carry up to 2kg of food which is around two pints of beer, a pizza and two glasses of wine.

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Government statistics claim Singapore's catering industry currently lacks around 7,000 members of staff.

Woon Juyang, CEO of Infinium Robotics, revealed the focus of their product is not to take away the jobs of waiters.

Instead they hope it will allow staff to focus on higher-valued activities such as interacting with customers.

Since the initial trial two weeks ago, the company have received requests for their drones from all over the world.

Woon Juyang said: 'By allowing some of the mundane tasks such as clearing tables to be replaced by robots the existing waiters can focus on higher value tasks.

'Many restaurants find it hard to attract workers due to the long hours and the lack of attractiveness of the job scope - especially in developed countries, where it is very difficult to find young and energetic workers.

'An aerial robot that was able to deliver food and drink was a natural development for us.

'Many of the interested restaurant operators wanted to buy not just one robot, but multiples of them, to aid in their manpower issues.'

In-flight meal: It is hoped the drones will allow waiters to perform 'more high-value tasks'. (Caters)
Special order: The drone waiters can carry around 2kg of food. (Caters)