Quiz! Are you an expert on footballers appearing in TV and films?

Quiz! Are you an expert on footballers appearing in TV and films?

Footballers are everywhere at the moment. And even when the fanfare around Euro 2020 dies down the England players are sure to be popping up in adverts and TV shows for some time to come..

Harry Kane may have garnered a reputation for his robotic delivery in TV interviews, but that is unlikely to stop him being offered a cameo in a film or hit TV show off the back of his footballing prowess.

The career of a soccer star is not always long. The nature of the game means they are forced to retire relatively young. And once they've hung up their boots – what are they supposed to do to keep busy?

Well, obvious routes are to become a sports pundit or coach. Some might get lucky like Gareth Southgate and become an England manager. And of course there is reality TV.

But for many, when the spotlight calls they will try their hand at acting or even hosting their own chat show. From David Beckham to Stan Collymore and even Ian Wright, you might be surprised how many players have popped up in movies, TV dramas and even your favourite soaps.

So can you remember the films or shows where you've spotted a footballer? Take this 15-question multiple-choice quiz to match the soccer star to their on-screen appearance.

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