The funniest reactions to the start of this season's Love Island

The new series of Love Island kicked off this week and naturally the internet reacted. (ITV2)
The new series of Love Island kicked off this week and naturally the internet reacted. (ITV2)

Last night saw the start of the new series of Love Island and naturally it got people talking on the internet.

With the likes of Dani (the daughter of actor Danny Dyer), doctor Alex, personal trainer Adam, retail mananger Kendall, model Eyal, and West End performer Samira entering the villa and getting to know each other, the first hour was met with all sorts of talking points – including a big plot twist.

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Twitter was awash with memes and what people were making of the fourth series of the show.

Essentially, people focused on a few things: Alex getting shunned (more than once) on day one, the numerous pairs of blindingly shiny teeth, the major twists, and of course the show’s big cliffhanger.

Trending in Twitter’s top spot, people were sharing memes, opinions, and (importantly) gifs left, right, and centre.

Mainly, audiences were mercilessly ripping into the cast.

Others were commenting on the situation after people had been coupled up.

And some were actually critiquing the show in a serious way, in terms of how it did (or did not) offer a positive body image, as well as some other observations.


And it appeared that nobody could actually handle the ending, which came with a mouthwatering cliffhanger where Adam waltzed in and the show ended just before he announced which woman he was about to ‘steal’.

Catch the next episode of Love Island tonight, at 9pm, on ITV2.

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