Gemma Atkinson shares C-section scar and is flooded with praise by fellow mums

Gemma and Gorka welcomed son Thiago last year -Credit:Instagram

Gemma Atkinson has been praised by fans as she shared a candid post on social media, showing her C-section scar following the birth of her second child last year.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star welcomed son Thiago in July 2023, with professional dancer partner Gorka Márquez. Gemma hoped the candid post would help other mums in a similar situation, by sharing her own experiences.

Taking to Instagram to share photos of her scar just three days after the birth of their son, and what it looks like now, Gemma wrote: "The amount of messages I get from new mums asking is it normal for them to be sore & swollen after a section is unbelievable.

"A C-section is a BIG operation. It’s essentially birth & abdominal surgery. They cut through 7 layers to get your baby out and in my opinion there unfortunately isn’t enough information about the after care.

"I was bruised, swollen & tender for a while with both mine, and I didn’t even contemplate exercising until around 15 weeks PP. It just isn’t worth it."

The 39-year-old admitted she was left in shock when she first saw the scar, however over time she has learned to love her body, as she shared her tips with fellow mums.

She continued: "I know some women who are so upset at having to have a section they can’t even look at their scar. When my bandages first came off I was shocked at the mess my tummy was in. It hurt when I coughed, sneezed, had a poo and when I held Mia & Thiago. I couldn’t even open the fridge without being in pain.

"Now is a completely different story. Its barely visible and has turned from pink to a very pale white. It used to be tender to touch but that stopped after about 6 months. I regularly massage it myself in bed with oil to increase movement & flexibility around it. It also helps soften the scar and decrease scar tissue build up."

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Following the birth of both her children, Mia and Thiago, Gemma underwent a procedure to monitor her posture, pelvic floor muscles and stomach muscles.

She said: "So to anyone who’s had a C section or is due one, take your time postpartum. Be kind to yourself and your body and allow the healing process to take place.

"I strongly recommend a Mummy MOT but I know it’s not possible for everyone so try to do your own research. Online, from other mums, women’s health specialists. Ask the questions. Don’t be left feeling worried & anxious about how it looks because with the right information & post scar care in place it will heal.

"I now look at my scar and smile because from it I have two beautiful healthy children. It’s my permanent reminder marked on me forever."

People soon rushed to comment on the candid social media snaps, which was noticed by C-section UK who liked the post and wrote: "Hey Gemma, thank you so so much for this post. We could not agree more with you that there just isn’t the info available for women.

"We’re a group of midwives, doctors and physiotherapists on a mission to change that though. If anyone is in the comments feeling apprehensive about birth or lost in recovery, come and join us, you are so so welcome in our community."

One fan wrote: "Omg I needed to hear this today. My baby is 3 months old and this was my 2nd section. I'm. Going on holiday end of next month and I feel so unsteady to be in swimwear! I am so self conscious about my c section shelf and postpartum shape. I know I need to give myself a break. X."

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