'Gentle' dog marks two years in kennels after being mistreated by owner

Alvin has spent two years of his life in kennels
-Credit: (Image: RSCPA)

A "gentle, happy and affectionate" dog is still looking for his forever home after spending over two years of his life in kennels.

Five year old lurcher crossbreed Alvin was rescued by the RSPCA in May 2022 after his owner failed to seek veterinary care when he was injured after being sent out hunting. He has been in the care of the RSPCA’s Warrington, Halton & St Helens Branch ever since.

Alvin is now one of the charity's longest-staying dogs, and the RSPCA say one of the reasons he might be overlooked by potential adopters is because he's a crossbreed.

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Alvin was only able to be put up for adoption in February this year after his former owner - who was given a suspended prison sentence and disqualified from keeping animals for five years - signed him over into the charity’s care.

He has become a firm favourite with staff at the animal centre in Slutchers Lane in Warrington. However, he's still waiting to find a permanent home.

Alvin is said to be an 'adorable couch potato'
Alvin is said to be an 'adorable couch potato' -Credit:RSPCA

Animal Care Manager Katie Buckley said: “Alvin has been with us for such a long time and everyone at the centre is incredibly fond of him, but he deserves a home of his own where he'll be spoiled and loved.

“Two years is a long time for any dog to be in kennels, but sadly we see many crossbreeds like Alvin coming into our care which means dogs like him can get overlooked.

“Because of his sighthound heritage people may also think he has bags of energy and will need endless walks, and this is possibly another reason why we’ve had limited interest in him.

“Of course he loves getting out and exploring but he’s also got a relaxed and laid-back temperament and loves nothing more than stretching out his long limbs and having a cuddle on the sofa in our staff room.

“Alvin really is an adorable couch potato and a gentle, happy and affectionate soul who loves the company of people and would really enjoy being part of family life. He just needs someone to offer him that chance - we know he’ll thrive in his own home and make a wonderful pet.”

Alvin is one of the RSPCA's longest-staying dogs
Alvin is one of the RSPCA's longest-staying dogs -Credit:RSPCA

Alvin is quite a large dog and the RSPCA are advising that potential owners will need to have experience of his breed and be willing to provide ongoing support with his house training.

Given that he has spent a long time in kennels, his interaction with children has been limited, although he could live with older kids aged 12 or older, as well as another dog.

Because of his prey drive he cannot live with cats or small furry animals, but he will happily wear a muzzle when out and about, and he can be left alone for short periods.

According to the RSPCA, one of his favourite pastimes is going for a ride in the car with one of the centre’s volunteer walkers, so he’ll be happy to travel and go on adventures with his new family.

Prospective adopters can visit the animal centre’s website for more details about Alvin and how to adopt him.

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