Germany to crack down on export of EU-sanctioned goods to third countries

BERLIN (Reuters) - The German economy ministry is seeking to crack down on the export to third countries of goods that fall under European Union sanctions imposed on Russia over its war in Ukraine, according to a ministry document seen by Reuters on Thursday.

The ministry wants to adapt national and EU regulations so that exports of goods that are important to the Russian war machine to certain third countries are only allowed if end-use declarations are provided.

"We must work together to counter these circumvention activities more effectively than before, at the national and at the EU level," according to the document, which is dated Feb. 22 and lays out a 10-point plan to prevent circumvention.

According to the document, the ministry wants to ensure that "intentional violations of the obligation to submit truthful end-use certificates will be a criminal offence throughout Europe."

Diplomatic efforts to seek cooperation from partner countries and to inform companies and other stakeholders of the risks of exporting sanctioned goods will be stepped up, the document says.

"We strongly advocate at the EU level the creation of a regulatory framework to incentivize non-cooperative jurisdictions to cooperate," the ministry said.

The EU is close to a 10th sanctions package against Russia.

The package, estimated to be worth 11 billion euros ($11.70 billion), is likely to include, for the first time, a ban on all exports to seven Iranian entities believed to be making items used by Russia in the war.

(Reporting by Markus Wacket, Writing by Friederike Heine, Ediing by Tomasz Janowski)