Bake Off: Ofcom receives complaints over Russell Brand's vagina biscuits

Russell Brand’s vagina biscuit bake prompted some viewers to file complaints to Ofcom (Credit: Channel 4)
Russell Brand’s vagina biscuit bake prompted some viewers to file complaints to Ofcom (Credit: Channel 4)

The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer has recieved official Ofcom complaints from viewers over Russell Brand‘s vagina biscuit bake.

Brand, who appeared on the special charity edition of the show last month, elected to make a vagina out of biscuits for the showstopper round, paying tribute to the birth of his second child after being asked to make a biscuit scene of his finest performance.

Ofcom has since confirmed that the episode received 11 complaints from viewers.

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However, the broadcasting regular has revealed that it will not be investigating the complaints any further, ruling that Brand’s remarks were made in a light-hearted manner and were also aired after the watershed.

A spokesperson for Ofcom said in a statement: “We considered a small number of complaints about comments in this charity baking competition. In our view the remarks were light-hearted and not sexually explicit.”

Brand decided that the best way to celebrate his achievement of becoming a father for the second time was to make a 3D vagina out of biscuits.

The actor and comedian said he was “commemorating in the medium of biscuit the birth of my second daughter where I actuated the role of father”.

He then explained: “The female plays an integral role in the process of childbirth. That’s why it was a good performance because of my acceptance in a secondary role.”

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Brand’s creative design, which included a miniature birthing pool, placenta and labia, impressed judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood, with Leith describing it as “a celebration of womanhood Germaine Greer would have approved of”.

In fact, the judges liked Brand’s vagina biscuits so much that he went on to be crowned the Star Baker of the episode.

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