Haunting last post of woman who fell to death in lift aged 25

-Credit: (Image: clelia_ditano/Instagram)

A 25 year old woman, who tragically died after stepping into an empty lift shaft, had eerily posted a seemingly prophetic message on Instagram just before her untimely demise.

Clelia Ditano met her tragic end after falling down the shaft in a building located in Fasano, Brindisi, Italy, on July 1. The young lady, who was employed as a hotel cleaner, was on the fourth floor at the time of the incident, according to Italian reports.

After pressing the lift button and opening the door, she fell into the void and is believed to have died instantly. Firefighters were called to the scene to recover her body, a task that reportedly took several hours.

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This unfortunate incident occurred just a few hours after Clelia had shared a photo on social media where she appeared hopeful about the future. "To what will come," she wrote on Instagram.

Her parents raised the alarm when Clelia failed to return home. Investigators are currently exploring the possibility that Clelia had taken the lift to the ground floor before returning to a fourth-floor apartment to retrieve something she had left behind, reports the Daily Star.

"It wasn't supposed to go this way, you were supposed to realise all your dreams, the family you wanted to create, find true love," read one heartfelt tribute on social media.

"Please dance now and have fun like you always have," another post urged the techno music enthusiast. Her father paid tribute to her, stating that the elevator door had never previously opened prematurely as it did on this fateful day.

The heartbroken father told reporters: "It had never happened before that the elevator stopped like that. This morning - the girl's father continues - seeing that she wasn't at home, we tried to make her cell phone ring and we realised that she was in the elevator shaft. I immediately understood that something had happened and we raised the alarm." Investigations into her death are ongoing.