Hayfever sufferers in for a sniffly Easter thanks to early arrival of pollen season

Hayfever sufferers beware – the pollen season is starting early this year (Picture: Getty)

Hayfever sufferers are in for a sniffly season thanks to an early start for the pollen season in the UK.

Thanks to an unseasonably warm February, the pollen season has already started – several weeks earlier than usual.

A Met Office spokeswoman said: “Pollen season has definitely started. Pollen can be affected by the weather and actually we did see an earlier pollen season than normal due to warmer weather we had at the end of February.”

Some experts warned that the influx of pollen, dubbed by some a ‘pollen bomb’ would make Easter difficult for hayfever sufferers.

Some experts said dry, warm weather could bring the hayfever season forward, especially if there is an early start to the birch pollen season.

Hayfever expert and pollen forecaster Dr Beverley Adams-Groom told The Sun: “We are likely to see an early start to the birch pollen season, which affects around 25% of hayfever sufferers in the spring,” .

“The season usually starts in early April but could start in mid-to-late March this year.”

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She said the grass pollen season usually starts in late May or early June and could be early but it is hard to say now.

The Met Office spokeswoman said they issue pollen forecasts five to seven days ahead, so it is hard to predict what the pollen count will be over the Easter weekend.

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