I'm A Celebrity's complaint-sparking rows revealed

There has been no shortage of drama on the ITV jungle show

I'm A Celebrity's Nigel Farage has been caught in the rows which have sparked complaints (ITV/Shutterstock)
I'm A Celebrity's Nigel Farage has been caught in the rows which have sparked complaints. (ITV/Shutterstock)

Nigel Farage, Nella Rose and Fred Sirieix have been in the middle of I'm A Celebrity's most explosive rows to take place in the jungle this year, which have sparked hundreds of Ofcom complaints.

The influencer, 26, and the former politician, 59, couldn't be more different – even though they have struck up an unlikely friendship this series.

That hasn't stopped them from having huge disagreements between them and heated debates.

What they do have in common is both of them have been caught in the biggest arguments and debates to unfold in the ITV jungle camp.

Fred Sirieix has also been one of the stars who has been involved in many of the rows.

Ofcom was hit with 861 complaints related to Rose and Sirieix's clash over him saying he was old enough to be her father.

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Also, the broadcast regulator received 856 complaints relating to “alleged racial offence” from Rose's comments to Farage in their heated debate about immigration.

All three of the celebrities are big personalities on the small screen and often are not afraid to say what they truly think. Also, they have been known to confront other campmates when they aren't happy.

There has been no shortage of drama this year – with even Grace Dent quitting the show on medical grounds too in recent days.

But what are the rows have we seen so far?

Nigel Farage with breaking point poster
Nigel Farage has been at the centre of a number of the I'm A Celebrity rows (Getty)

Nigel Farage and Fred Sirieix row over Brexit

Farage is arguably the most controversial signing to I'm A Celebrity for a huge price tag, estimated at about £1.5m. Of course he was going to be challenged by his fellow stars in the jungle.

The former politician was the leader of the UK Independence Party from 2006 to 2009 and 2010 to 2016.

Plus, he was also the leader of the Brexit Party from 2019 to 2021. The referendum on Brexit was held in 2016.

And Brexit was behind the first row to break out in the I'm A Celebrity jungle between Farage and Sirieix.

First Dates star Sirieix had no qualms confronting Farage over Brexit when conversation turned to politics in the jungle camp.

He said: "What’s the benefit of Brexit then? If you are an average person from Britain, what’s the benefit?"

Farage responded: "To know that we're independent, we stand on our own two feet in the world."

The BBC Two's Million Pound Menu star then dropped a bombshell when he brought up UKIP's campaign poster that claimed immigration was at "breaking point".

At the time the poster sparked a lot of controversy and was reported to the police for racial hatred.

Sirieix branded it "shameful" as he said: "Brexit was about immigration, I remember your poster. I thought it was shameful what you did Nigel. Shameful."

I'm A Celebrity's Fred Sirieix is swapping luxury food for creepy crawlies (ITV)
I'm A Celebrity's Fred Sirieix has been in the centre of some of the rows (ITV)

However, the former UKIP leader defended the poster - despite the huge backlash it got.

Standing by his beliefs, Farage said: "Sadly, sadly it was absolutely true. It was a poster showing mass young men moving illegally across borders."

Sirieix hit back: "It was about demonising migrants."

Farage disagreed with: "No it wasn't. In your view it was but it wasn't."

Sirieix set out: "It's not only my view."

The former politician didn't mind setting out his stance on Brexit and standing by his strong views.

He said: "Brexit is about one thing and one thing only; being self-governing. We’re in charge.

"We can get it right, we can make an absolute mess of it but we’re in charge and the people who make those decisions we can hire and fire at elections where they have real power."

His thoughts sparked Sirieix to question: "I think the average person in the UK has lost out because of what you've done."

They were unable to agree on Brexit.

Sirieix later said: "We will have to agree to disagree."

But already their debate had sent the other campmates scattered across the jungle camp - with them all opting to do chores in order to escape the politics.

Nella Rose and Nigel Farage's immigration row

I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose has a huge online following (ITV)
I'm A Celebrity's Nella Rose has a huge online following (ITV)

Rose and Farage have become unlikely friends but that hasn't stopped them from having debates over their differences while in the jungle.

Their showdown in front of the bathtub left Danielle Harold visibly shocked last week when the influencer grilled the former politician over "why don't Black people like you?"

But Farage brushed off the comments with his response: “You would be amazed they do. You should come with me to south London.”

The former UKIP leader had to ask the social media star to "stop" because he felt she wasn't "listening" to him.

They eventually agreed to disagree on the subject of politics.

It started when Rose admitted she had been talking about Farage and confronted him over his beliefs: "You are a cool guy but it is very hard to forget what you’ve seen on the outside."

To which he said: "It depends on what you’ve seen or whether it’s true or not... I don’t regret anything I’ve said about Europe or borders. None of it works."

Kicking off the row, Rose accused Farage of being anti-immigrants as she said: "Let’s get everything out in the open. All the tea is coming out now. You are very anti-immigrants."

I'm A Celebrity's Nigel Farage wants to show everyone he's a nice guy (ITV)
I'm A Celebrity's Nigel Farage is arguably the show's most controversial signing (ITV)

Farage grilled Rose where she had heard it from to which she said: "The internet."

He claimed she was "chucking around accusations" which he felt were "unfair".

Farage said: “You can disagree with somebody, but to chuck around accusations the way they've been chucked around is grossly unfair. Anti-immigrant, right? No, no, all I've said is we cannot go on with the numbers coming to Britain that are coming.”

Rose said the growing population was a "good thing" to which Farage hit back: “Good thing, unless you want a GP appointment or a filling.”

It made her angry as she said: “I'm stopping you getting a GP appointment? You're not getting an appointment because the NHS is lacking funding.

“I bet you anything if every single immigrant or from immigrant descent was to leave the UK, all your doctors, most of your doctors are Asian right? Most of your nurses are African women, right? You want us gone, that's all I understood.”

But Farage had enough saying “stop it, stop it" because he felt she wasn't listening to him.

In the end, they agreed to disagree.

Nella Rose and Nigel Farage's heated debate about cultural appropriation

Tensions were rising in camp when Rose was "disappointed" with Farage after they had a fierce debate about cultural appropriation in camp.

She told a piece to camera: "I'm so disappointed in him. We’ve been getting on so well. Bro we live together. These are your thoughts!"

It all started when the stars called the water "wata" which Rose pointed out is the Jamaican way to say "water".

Farage was quick to say: "If you say that Fred, they call it cultural appropriation."

The First Dates star hit back: "Everyone doing my accent. Is that cultural appropriation?"

Farage claimed people criticise "when it suits" and he added: "If a white person does a black accent, that's considered to be a crime, they are cancelled."

However, Rose explained to the former politician that it is all about context.

After the influencer said black face was "wrong", Farage asked whether it was appropriate to go to a fancy dress as a Mexican.

Rose explained this wasn't right because for Mexicans it is their traditional dress.

Farage then claimed ignorance, saying: "I don't know what the rules are now."

He added: "There is enormous confusion. I'm no further forward about what is acceptable and what is not."

Rose was incredibly upset by the conversation and she shared her feelings with her fellow campmates.

Nella Rose refused to speak to Fred Sirieix

Rose gave Sirieix the silent treatment after she was fuming because he had playfully said he was "old enough to be her dad".

As she had told him about her dad dying, she felt his remark about being old enough to be her parent was inappropriate and hurt her feelings.

In an explosive outburst, she told the First Dates star: "You know that my mum is dead, you know that my dad is dead. Every time I want to get creative around the fire you get in my way. You tend to get an attitude.

"Yesterday you turned around with an attitude and said you could be my dad. To me, that's disrespectful.

"I don't want to be around you. I only allow people to disrespect me once."

Sirieix tried to apologise and while Rose said she accepted his apology, she made it clear she didn't want to be friends.

"I accept your apology but let's not be friends," she said.

The influencer laid out that she no longer wanted to speak to him, eat his food or even be near him in the jungle camp.

However, after a few days, the pair managed to make up and become friends again when they were teamed up for the trial.

Rose even gushed over Sirieix's skills and praised him for "smashing" it.

Yahoo News has reached out to ITV.

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