'I'm going to get arrested!' Alison Hammond has to run from Italian police

Julia Hunt
Alison Hammond attends the ITV Palooza! held at The Royal Festival Hall on October 16, 2018 in London, England. (Jeff Spicer/WireImage)

Alison Hammond had to flee from Italian police after she was caught filming for This Morning without a permit.

The 44-year-old showbiz reporter was presenting a segment for the ITV show from Pisa, Italy, when an officer approached her and tried to move her on.

“Oh my gosh, we haven’t got a permit,” Hammond confessed, as the camera cut back to This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby looking stunned in the studio.

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Ever the professional, Hammond managed to quickly finish her link before more police approached.

“Listen guys, we’re in Pisa, we’re not allowed to film here, but listen, there’s a great, great competition,” she said as she was ushered away.

“I’m going to get arrested!”, she cried, telling viewers: “I love you loads. Laters.”

Hammond then rushed back over to the police to try to straighten things out.

“I am so sorry buongiorno, please, I’m so sorry,” she could be heard saying.

Schofield and Willoughby looked shocked when the cameras returned to the studio.

“Oh my God!” said Schofield, while Willoughby wished Hammond good luck with the officers.

“We’ve sent her to many places but I think that is the first time she’s got arrested,” joked Schofield.

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A few minutes later Hammond was seen on screen again, admitting she was “shaking” after the kerfuffle and telling the This Morning hosts that the police hated her.

However, she couldn’t resist trying to get a shot of the officers, which backfired when they spotted her and her camera crew again.

“Go! Go! Go!” said Hammond, as she raced off down the street and Schofield and Willoughby burst into laughter.

Hammond found fame as a Big Brother housemate in 2002 and has been appearing on This Morning since 2003.