Incredibly useful garden trolley now on sale on Wowcher

This heavy-duty foldable garden trolley is now available for just £37.99 - down from £99
-Credit: (Image: Hirix International Ltd.)

With warmer, sunnier days approaching, tidying up your garden could be made a lot easier with this "incredibly useful" foldable garden trolley, which can easily carry 150kg of gardening items and equipment - and is now on sale for more than 60 per cent off.

While gardening is considered a beloved hobby for many Brits, it can no doubt also be a laborious task, with planting, repotting, and composting requiring much movement and transporting things up and down your outdoor space.

But this summer, Wowcher has you covered - as it has reduced this 150kg Heavy Duty Foldable Garden Trolley, from Hirix International Ltd., from its retail price of £99, down to just £37.99.

A quality garden trolley can revolutionise your gardening experience, often proving to be a superior alternative to the traditional wheelbarrow, as it offers easier manoeuvrability, increased stability, and less physical strain.

That's why this hefty saving from Wowcher, on the robust garden trolley, is so exciting for keen gardeners - and a deal they may want to jump on before it's too late.

The e-commerce site boasts that the item is in high demand, with over 1,300 bought already, reports the Express.

The trolley's foldable design allows for convenient storage in sheds or side passages, while its four sturdy, rubberised wheels mean it can be used on most garden terrains, not just paved paths.

And while Wowcher does not provide individual product reviews for its deals, the product description boasts: "This garden trolley is incredibly useful for transporting large items such as tools, soil or crops around your garden or outdoor space."

It also highlights the durability of the trolley, writing: "Made to last, this garden trolley is crafted from durable oxford cloth fabric and nylon with a heavy duty steel frame to make this perfect for daily use."

The trolley, which comes in black, measures 80cm in length, by 44cm in width, and 25cm in height, and is 8 inches thick when folded away.

And if you're curious about how this stacks up against other products in the market, we've got you covered - for a similar price, you could snag a traditional wheelbarrow from B&Q, which, thanks to its steel construction, might prove more durable over time.

However, as mentioned, a wheelbarrow could be more of a hassle to use - so it really depends on your personal preference.

For those enamoured with the concept of a garden trolley or cart, Homebase also offers a Garden Mesh Cart made entirely of metal, currently priced at £56.25. This makes it slightly pricier than Wowcher's trolley, and it also has a smaller weight capacity, carrying just 120kg.

These alternatives demonstrate that there are numerous ways to transport items around your garden- but Wowcher is certainly offering a compelling deal.

So, if you're tired of picking up bags of soil, or carrying heavy plants down your garden manually, there's clearly a great option to be had here - even if you might find a longer-lasting wheelbarrow for a very similar price elsewhere. Now, it's up to you to decide what sort of carrier you'd prefer.