ITV The Fortune Hotel Scots contestants reveal what they would spend cash prize on

Susan and Jen are ready to 'steal' the money prize -Credit:ITV

The Fortune Hotel returned on Thursday night, after the programme was left on a cliffhanger previously on what pair would be sent packing with empty pockets.

The new ITV show, hosted by Stephen Mangan, presented contestants with ten briefcases. One held an attractive £25,000, eight were hollow, and one contained the early checkout card, an exit for the unfortunate pair holding it at each episode's conclusion.

Throughout the series, challengers participate in various tasks, keeping viewers informed about the carriers of each briefcase. Every episode culminates in the participants heading to the Lady Luck Bar, where they deliberate keeping or swapping their case, all for the chance to win the significant money prize.

Scottish best pals, Susan and Jen, from Lanarkshire are among those gunning for the cash prize on the show. The executive assistant and investigator narrowly avoided being eliminated following Wednesday's show.

When asked why they joined the programme, Jen said: "When I came across the casting advert, I remember thinking, 'This show resembled The White Lotus meets Glass Onion meets The Traitors and I thought Susan and I would be amazing at this! Coupled with the opportunity to get away with my best friend to sneak about at a luxury resort and steal money from people. We're IN!"

The Scots best pals narrowly avoided an exit in recent episodes -Credit:ITV

Susan added: "She made me do it." Discussing what they would splash their winnings on, Susan says she would splash it on an expensive pair of shoes, with both wanting to also put it towards mortgages and helping out family.

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Elsewhere, viewers who tuned in on Monday for the launch show had the same complaint just minutes into the programme as they billed it as a 'rip off' from BBC's The Traitors.

One user lamented: "This is going to be some s**t attempt at a rival to the Traitors isn't it? #thefortunehotel." Another social media user said: "#TheFortuneHotel Pre-shooting production meeting:Right! So how can we copy #TheTraitors without being obviously The Traitors?"

Somebody else penned: "So #thefortunehotel is Coach Trip, The Mole and Traitors all rolled into one." Yet another ITV viewer wrote: "We did say this would be like Deal Or No Deal and The Traitors, didn’t we? #TheFortuneHotel."

A fifth said: "Is this just the same as BBC’s The Traitors #TheFortuneHotel."

The Fortune Hotel kicked off on Monday, May 13 on ITV 1 and ITV X at 9pm. There will be eight 60-minute episodes in total. The following episodes will be shown on consecutive nights in the same time slot.

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