After Joe Flaherty's Passing, Adam Sandler And Fans Are Sharing All Of The Clips Of Him And John Candy, And It Has Me In My Feels

 John Candy and Joe Flaherty on Late Night with David Letterman.
John Candy and Joe Flaherty on Late Night with David Letterman.

The comedy world is in mourning after it was announced that comedy legend Joe Flaherty had passed away at 82 following a brief illness. He was best known for being a notable part of the Freaks and Geeks cast and his legendary comedy work on SCTV. Since learning about the tragic news, there has been an outpouring of love toward the comedian following his death, with many sharing some of their favorite moments from Flaherty’s career. This included Adam Sandler who noted Flaherty’s influence on him. Now, many fans have also shared clips of him that feature John Candy, another dearly departed member of the SCTV family.

Flaherty’s comedy style was known for being both clever and physical, perfect for SCTV, one of the best sketch shows of all time. He played well off fellow cast member Candy, as well as notable names like Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy. He was certainly beloved, and many remembered him for some of his hilarious sketches and most memorable TV moments. Adam Sander notably shared his condolences, reflecting on the impact Flaherty had on his own comedy journey. He said on Instagram:

Oh man. Worshipped Joe growing up. Always had me and my brother laughing. Count Floyd, Guy Caballero. Any move he made. He crushed as border guard in Stripes. Couldn’t be more fun to have him heckle me on the golf course. The nicest guy you could know. Genius of a comedian. And a true sweetheart. Perfect combo. Much love to his kids and thanks to Joe for all the greatness he gave us all.

Count Floyd, who Sandler mentions in his tribute, is one of Flaherty’s most iconic SCTV characters. The Dracula-inspired vampire would introduce mundane “movie clips” with the premise that he was about to show the audience something terrifying. He was a favorite of many, and you can see why in the clip a fan on X shared:

Another fan shared a clip on X of the SCTV intro, which features many beloved faces including Schitt’s Creek’s Levy and O'Hara, as well as of course the late John Candy and Flaherty:

Many of Flaherty’s best sketches were beside Candy, including Farm Film Report, which was singled out by this X user. The sketch centers around two farmers with a unique and off kilter way of reviewing movies. You can see a moment from the sketch below:

Another fan on X mentioned the Melonville West Election Night sketch, which was a political news parody with Flaherty playing a newscaster and Candy playing a strange candidate. The two made each other funnier, and seeing them together in these sketches reminds fans of how missed they truly are.

The two even appeared on Late Night with David Letterman together in the '80s, showcasing that their friendship extended beyond the small screen. After SCTV, both actors went off to other TV and movie jobs, and Candy went on to have a legendary film career. However, their work and collaborations on SCTV remain beloved. You can see a clip from their talk show appearance from X below:

These memories of course are sure to be a bittersweet reminder of two comedy talents gone too soon. However, there is no way to better honor such minds as Candy and Flaherty than to revisit some of their best and most influential work. SCTV lives on in many of the clips shared above, but you can also remember Joe Flaherty by revisiting his memorable performance on Freaks and Geeks, which is streaming now for Hulu subscribers. He was a once in a generation comic performer, and his influence has permeated the media that has come as a result of SCTV.

We at CinemaBlend send our condolences to Joe Flaherty's family and friends during this difficult time.