Joe Swash tells Vernon Kay 'don't talk to my wife like that' over Stacey Solomon dig

Joe snapped at Vernon over the harmless dig -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Joe Swash snapped back in a light-hearted manner at Vernon Kay, after the television host made a cheeky dig at his wife Stacey Solomon.

Loose Women spin-off, Loose Men, returned on Friday for another panel of guests including Joe Swash and Vernon Kay. They were joined by Anton Du Beke and Jordan Banjo on the ITV show, when Vernon made a dig at the start of the show.

Vernon issued a warning to Stacey watching from home the Mirror reports, as he told her to turn off the channel whilst Joe discussed his stint on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

When conversation turned to the gruesome eating challenges, Joe said he "would have paid money" to join Dean Gaffney for a drinking trial, as he found him so funny.

"I’ve had some bad stuff in my mouth…," Joe joked. Vernon quipped: "Very funny," as Joe hit back at the laughing audience: "Stop it! What's going on here?" Vernon then warned: "Stacey. Turn over," as Joe exclaimed: "Don’t talk to my wife like that."

The Loose Women spin-off gives the opportunity for some topics on male perspective -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Elsewhere, Joe revealed Stacey has "one bad habit" involving her eyelashes. He said: "Stacey's got one bad habit, which I don't think is that bad, I find it quite funny – she likes to stick her eyelashes everywhere.

"You could be making a cup of tea, look at the wall and think, 'Oh there's a spider there!' No, it's Stacey's eyelash. The worst one is I'll come into work...and people will be picking eyelashes off my shoulder. That's Stacey's only flaw but apart from that she's perfect."

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Later on in the programme, the panel were discussing if men often face challenges when asking employers for time off when it comes to their children. Stacey and Joe share three children together, Belle, 15 months, Rose, two, and Rex, Four.

Stacey is also mum to older children Leighton, 12, and Zach, 16, and a proud step-mum to Joe's other son Harry, 16 who he shares with ex Emma Sophocleous. The family live in a house in Essex which they sweetly named their 'Pickle cottage'.

Joe said: "Stacey and I are really lucky with the job that we get to do, I can choose my hours and pick and choose when I want to work. When we had our children I've always stayed at home as long as I possibly can because Stacy's been through nine months of growing a baby, having a baby so it's her job to look after the baby and it's my job to look after Stacy. And it's also my job to look after the other five kids downstairs so they don't feel left out."

He continued: "I do think it's very important that as a man not only do you do your fair share with your kids, but somewhere along the line, there's got to be the same rights because mum or dad, you're both parents, you both love your kids, and you both want to look after them.

"And so I think sometimes men find it a bit harder when it comes to getting paternity and I can understand how some men feel the burden of, 'Is it my place to ask for time off?' For me, I love spending time with kids and the time that we've had children, for me and Stacy it's been so special because we've just been together as a family."

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