John Prescott, 81, taken to hospital after suffering a stroke

Lord Prescott has been admitted to hospital (Picture: Getty Images)
Lord Prescott has been admitted to hospital (Picture: Getty Images)

Former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott has been admitted to hospital after suffering a stroke.

Lord Prescott, 81, was taken to hospital in Hull on Friday, his family said in a statement.

A statement from Mr Prescott's family, posted to his Twitter account, read: "John was taken to hospital last Friday after suffering a stroke.

"We would like to praise the swift actions of the ambulance staff and the doctors and nurses at Hull Royal Infirmary's A&E and stroke unit.

"They have been remarkable and we cannot thank them enough.

"He is receiving excellent care from the NHS but we would respectfully request at this time that John and our family are given the privacy we need so that he can have the time and space to make a full recovery."

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Anna Turley, MP for Redcar, said: "Sad to hear this - wishing John well."

Labour MP for Ilford North and member of the Treasury Committee Wes Streeting said: "Wishing John well - and looking forward to him being back in the tea room giving me a ticking off again soon!"

Angela Eagle, MP for Wallasey, said: "My first boss in government - get well soon John."

John Prescott served as the deputy prime minister (Picture: Reuters)
John Prescott served as the deputy prime minister (Picture: Reuters)

Labour MP for Denton and Reddish and shadow secretary of state Andrew Gwynne said: "Hoping for a speedy recovery. Take care John."

A former trade union activist, John Prescott served for ten years as Tony Blair's deputy prime minister following Labour's 1997 general election landslide.

During much of that time, he acted as a conciliator in the often turbulent relationship between Mr Blair and chancellor Gordon Brown.

While a loyal supporter of Mr Blair in office, in more recent years he has been critical of elements of New Labour's legacy denouncing Britain's involvement in the Iraq War.

He has strongly defended Jeremy Corbyn in the face of fierce criticism by other figures from the New Labour era.

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