Jonnie Irwin home with family after hospital admission as he prepares to celebrate 50th birthday

The former A Place In The Sun presenter said he is enjoying a 'small win' against cancer after test results allowed him to be discharged.

Jonnie Irwin has returned home after a hospital stay (pictured on Good Morning Britain in November last year, ITV/Shutterstock)
Jonnie Irwin has returned home after a hospital stay (pictured on Good Morning Britain in November last year, ITV/Shutterstock)

Jonnie Irwin has been resting at home with his family after being admitted to hospital with jaundice.

The former A Place In The Sun presenter - who was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2020 - said he was enjoying a "small win" against the disease after his blood test results allowed him to be discharged.

Irwin shared a picture of himself with his son Rex asleep on the sofa, and revealed: "The blood tests and scans today show my liver function is heading in the right direction There’s bigger issues we will have to confront in a couple of weeks but for now I’m allowed home. I’m taking the small win for now."

"Rex tried to stay up to welcome me home but couldn’t quite stay awake bless him, although Reggie and Ronnie were wide awake so I got to them a story. Big big thanks to all the doctors and nurses who looked after me I’m so grateful to be home."

The Escape To The Country star - who will celebrate his 50th birthday on Saturday 18th November - was admitted to hospital over the weekend in severe pain.

He revealed: "Back in hospital - been in since Friday with Jaundice. I had a fever and acute stabbing pain in my right hand side. Turns out I probably had an infection and otter issues which I won’t bore you with. Been on drips, regular bloods taken and have observations every 4 ours through day and night.

"Didn’t think I’d be watching @bbcmorninglive from a hospital bed but it’s just part of the roller coaster life that this illness throws at you I must admit I was especially touched by the birthday message from the the team for my birthday this coming Friday- thanks very much. X. I have another scan today followed by a meeting with my oncologist so fingers crossed for positive news."

Jaundice is a condition that causes a yellow tinge to the skin and is common in newborn babies. In adults it is symptomatic of liver dysfunction.

Jonnie Irwin's cancer diagnosis

Jonnie Irwin at the TRIC Awards in June 2023. (Zak/Landmark Media/Alamy)
Jonnie Irwin is determined to keep going since being diagnosed with incurable cancer. (Alamy)

Irwin was given six months to live by doctors back in 2020 when he was diagnosed with incurable lung cancer which has spread to his brain.

The TV presenter – who is father to four-and-a-half-year-old son Rex and three-year-old twins Rafa and Cormac with wife Jess - has since battled with a chest infection in October.

And in September he revealed he had undergone scans because his cancer is "on the move".

He admitted he was feeling frustrated as he awaited scan results to find out just how much his tumours have grown.

Irwin also confessed he was feeling unwell as he struggled through a "full on" weekend making memories with his children.

Experimental treatments

Jonnie Irwin on A Place In The Sun
Jonnie Irwin is trying diet, exercise and other new treatments to help extend his life. (Channel 4)

The father-of-three has been trying various experimental treatments to help improve his quality of life and extend the time he has left.

Irwin revealed he has been using salt therapy as one of many alternative treatments to fight off his chest infection, sharing a picture of himself relaxing in the Salt Room at a health and wellness clinic in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Salt Therapy is a natural treatment for respiratory, sinus, allergy and skin conditions which aims to reduce inflammation and congestion through the absorption of the minerals from Himalayan salt.

The property show star also revealed he has had a pop-up oxygen chamber installed in his home.

Research is still ongoing as to whether oxygen therapy can slow tumour growth and boost the effectiveness of cancer treatment.

Previously, he has spoken about adopting a special diet in a bid to "starve" his tumours and slow their growth, as advised by cancer survivor Jane Mclelland, author of a book called How To Starve Cancer.

Irwin has also told fans how important he believes it is to keep active, cycling his three sons around in their trailer and enjoying family walks.

Defying doctors

Jonnie Irwin on A Place In The Sun before his illness. (Channel 4)
Jonnie Irwin has told how doctors did not expect him to see 2023. (Channel 4)

The Morning Live presenter has previously said doctors did not expect him to see 2023 - and he was not sure he would live to celebrate his 50th birthday which is next week.

Chemotherapy and cancer drugs have helped extend the initial prognosis. The star has received palliative care for his incurable cancer for the last three years.

He visits a local hospice for care and pain relief - even though his cancer can not be cured.

Irwin admitted in June that he has not yet told his children that he has a terminal diagnosis.

He told Hello magazine: “It would be horrible news that they’d have to get their heads around. And it would confuse the hell out of Rex – he’s got a shocking enough day coming. Let’s bury our heads in the sand for as long as possible.”

But the TV presenter has been preparing messages for his sons to read in years to come.

Cancer diagnosis

Jonnie Irwin with his Escape To The Country co-stars at the TRIC awards in June. (Getty Images)
Jonnie Irwin with his Escape To The Country co-stars at the TRIC awards in June. (Getty Images)

Irwin went public with his cancer diagnosis in November 2022 in a tell-all interview with Hello magazine.

He revealed he went to see a doctor in August 2020 after his vision went blurry while away filming.

The TV presenter told Hello: "Within a week of flying back from filming, I was being given six months to live. I had to go home and tell my wife, who was looking after our babies, that she was on her own pretty much. That was devastating. All I could do was apologise to her. I felt so responsible."

Irwin kept his diagnosis a secret diagnosis a secret for two years because he feared losing his job.

He was a member of the A Place In The Sun team for 18 years, from 2004.

When he revealed he had terminal cancer to producers, he was axed from Channel 4 holiday property show because he was told they were unable to insure him to work.

He said he felt "thrown on the scrap heap".

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