Kate Middleton 'refused to curtsy to Queen Camilla' as she was 'angry' with her

Kate arrives for the King's Coronation on May 6 -Credit:Getty Images

The Princess of Wales reportedly harboured "tension" with Queen Camilla and allegedly opted not to curtsy at King Charles' Coronation as a result, according to a royal expert. Author Tom Bower suggested that Kate's omission of a curtsy at the May event last year could indicate underlying friction with her stepmother-in-law.

The incident occurred during the historic event at Westminster Abbey on May 6, where over 2,000 attendees gathered to witness the ascension of the new King and Queen.

Bower shed light on the situation during his appearance on the now defunct Dan Wootton Tonight, explaining why "nobody moved a muscle" for Camilla, including Kate, on that significant day.

Bower said previously: "If you look at the Coronation footage, as the King and Queen leave the thrones and head for the exit of Westminster Abbey, you'll see that everyone bows and curtsies to the King and no one moves a limb, a muscle, when Camilla passes."

"And that's because they were angry with her. No one moves."

He added: "Kate and William were angry too. That anger went right through that small part of the congregation by the throne, at the centre of Westminster Abbey.

"And in that moment it was absolutely noticeable to those people who had been excluded that nobody let alone Kate curtsied to Queen Camilla."

During the interview, reports the Express, host Dan Wootton prompted Bower for more details, leading to further discussion about the disparity between the number of Camilla's family members present compared to those of Kate's.

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Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, Kate, Princess of Wales and Edward the Duke of Edinburgh attend the coronation ceremony of King Charles III and Queen Camilla -Credit:AP

Bower claimed that Queen Camilla "brought twenty Parker Bowles' to the Coronation and there were four Middleton's".

He remarked: "And what was even more noticeable was at the Windsor concert the following day William makes no reference to Queen Camilla. So there is a tension there."

The writer then suggested that these tensions appeared to place King Charles in a "dangerous position".

Bower inferred that this situation arose after an "exhausted" Queen Camilla "disappeared" from public view after the crowning, coinciding with Kate's stoic demeanour, which he described as "behaving like the Queen".

During the Coronation at Westminster Abbey, Kate, Prince William, and their two younger children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, were seated in the front row, ensuring they had a clear view of the proceedings.

Their eldest son, nine year old Prince George, served as one of the King's four Pages of Honour.

Camilla's grandsons - Freddy, Louis, and Gus - also took on the same prestigious role as George.

Additionally, Camilla's great-nephew, Arthur Elliot, was appointed as a Page of Honour.

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