Katie Price filmed crying in pain as she comes round from latest cosmetic surgery

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Watch: Kate Price calls out in pain in new post-surgery video

Katie Price's latest YouTube channel update from her surgery trip to Turkey shows her crying in agony as she comes round from a brutal operation.

The TV star and model took a trip to Turkey for a number of cosmetic surgery procedures earlier this year despite it being a red-list country, classing the travel as being for work because she was filming it for her YouTube show.

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Now fans can see the results of what happened on the trip, which she took with fiance Carl Woods, including the traumatic moment that she woke up from surgery.

Price, 43, had opted for liposuction, a partial facelift and a Brazilian bum lift, but her fans and fiance were shocked by the harsh realities of cosmetic surgery as they saw her crying out in pain in the recovery room.

<p>Katie Price has shared another look at her most recent round of plastic surgery, revealing the immediate aftermath, and the painful post-surgery procedures she underwent.</p>
Katie Price calls out in pain after her op. (YouTube)

She was heard complaining about feeling cold and saying "I feel sick" as she was wheeled out of theatre.

Woods, looking worried, said: "I don't know what I expected, but she looks like she's in so much pain."

He had also been booked in for liposuction and sculpting on his abdomen at the same time, but decided against the surgery after seeing how grisly the procedures could be, and told Price he planned to look after her instead.

Price was shown crying out in pain as nurses removed the surgical drains from her arms.

Katie Price has since shown off the results of her surgery. (ITV)
Katie Price has since shown off the results of her surgery. (ITV)

With a bandage around her face, she said: "My eyes are shut because it's easier to keep them shut than open."

The mum-of-five said the pain was radiating out from "the bum area", but that she had no regrets about her surgery.

She said: "It's all good. I probably don't look it."

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Asked whether she was glad to have had the surgery, she replied: "One million percent happy I've done it."

In a previous YouTube channel episode, Price was shown being told by her surgeon that she couldn't go for the full facelift she was booked in for because she didn't have enough excess skin to do it.

Since returning from Turkey, Price has shown off the results of her surgery and talked about how happy she is with the results.

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