Kylie Jenner remains unfazed as she's confronted by angry anti-fur protestors

It’s safe to say that despite only being 19 years old, Kylie Jenner has been through quite a lot and experienced things that most of us mere mortals could probably never even dream of.

Which is probably why the teen star was left largely unfazed when she was targeted by angry anti-fur protesters at her latest photocall.

Kylie wasn’t wearing fur at this particular event.

Despite ending the red carpet photoshoot much earlier than planned, Kylie remained professional and calm as animal rights activists screamed abuse at her as she posed for photos at the Sugar Factory’s grand opening in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

Kylie was not wearing any animal products at the time of the protest, however, she and her famous family have a bit of a reputation for wearing fur in the past.

Amid cheers from adoring fans, Kylie was bombarded with angry cries of: “You’ve got blood on your hands!” as protesters held up graphic images of animals used in the fur trade.

Kylie left her photocall earlier than planned.

Clearly unimpressed but not rising to the bait, Kylie left the red carpet pretty sharpish and disappeared inside the building.

Still, if Kylie was upset by the altercation then she wasn’t affected for long, resuming business as usual as she posted a smouldering selfie on Instagram, refusing to comment on the protest that took place.

Kyls is far from the first Kardashian sister to face the wrath of animal rights activists, with Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian coming under fire for wearing fur just last year.

Anti-fur protesters often target the Kardashians.

Arriving at a charity event in New York, the famous siblings were shouted at by angry protesters, with one being caught on camera yelling at Khloe: “Shame on you! Only innocent animals die for your stupid fashion.

“You’re disgusting. Shame on you!”

The family have not commented on why they still insist on wearing fur.

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