Latest council statement on Corporation Bridge closure in Grimsby

Corporation Bridge, Grimsby - May 8, 2024
Corporation Bridge, Grimsby - May 8, 2024 -Credit:LDR

The reopening date of a key Grimsby bridge that has been closed for more than a year remains unclear.

Though 15 months have now passed since the closure of Corporation Road Bridge for repair work began, there are still "no updates on the timescales attached to the delays" nor any indication of when there will be. It was initially due to open before Christmas, but was indefinitely delayed in October after worse corrosion than expected was discovered.

Survey works then needed to take place to work out the extent of repairs needed. In November, North East Lincolnshire Council's cabinet also authorised undisclosed extra capital funding to cover expected higher costs. The prior budget for the works was £5.1m, with almost £3m from the Department for Transport, £320,000 from the Local Transport Fund, and £1.83m from the council.

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Previous council comment last month on separate upcoming roadworks in Bargate area indicated works on the bridge will continue over the coming months, saying: "It is fully appreciated that other works will remain in place during the summer these being Corporation Road Bridge and the A180 scheme and again it is understood that this will cause some frustration."

A survey report was expected by the end of March and only after then could a reopening date at all be given. Grimsby Live has recently, as in late March, asked the council if there is any reopening date, or an expected time when a reopening date may be announced.

However, a spokesperson for the authority confirmed the position remains the same as more than a month ago: "There are no updates on the timescales attached to the delays." They also cited licence conditions as a factor with the progress of the works, saying: "There are two spans where access is restricted due to marine licence conditions, and this has impacted on the programming of works."

The bridge is largely still open to pedestrians though there continue to be occasional closure dates each month, that are advertised the month before. These closures are for public safety reasons and to take advantage of lower tide levels to work on the underdeck.

The latest progress update was that the control room was being worked on, and all rotten timbers are being replaced and corroded steel removed. Steel work repairs were ongoing on both sides of the bridge deck, and coatings of paint applied to sections of the bridge.

A180 bridge repairs are also ongoing. Gilbey Road Flyover is first up, followed by full works in due course on Cleethorpe Road Flyover and Alexandra Dock Bridge. Repairs on Alexandra Dock Bridge cannot occur while Corporation Bridge is shut. The A180 repairs are tied to £8m Department for Transport funding, which must be spent by spring 2025.