Lenny Kravitz thrilled to see Black artists having more 'artistic freedom'

Lenny Kravitz is "thrilled" to see the new generation of Black artists having more "artistic freedom" than he had in the early days of his career.

The Fly Away singer feels excited witnessing a new crop of Black artists experiencing "artistic freedom" and being able to create music in pop, rock and alternative genres, instead of being limited to R&B and hip-hop.

Recalling the music industry around the time he signed to his record label, Kravitz told Billboard, "Everything was in these really tight boxes, white and black. Like 'the pop department,' it meant white, and the Black department was R&B."

He added, "It makes me feel great that there is that artistic freedom. I'm always flattered and honoured when those artists come up to me and tell me how much I meant to them. They grew up listening to my music and looking at the visuals, and felt that they could push the boundaries."

Kravitz then name-dropped singer-songwriter Steve Lacy, and noted that watching the 24-year-old "reinspires" him.

Elsewhere in the interview, the American Woman hitmaker revealed that his next two albums are "pretty much cut" and he is looking forward to going back on the road after his last tour was cancelled midway through due to the pandemic.

"I was two years into a three-year world tour when COVID hit," he explained. "So I'm really happy to be getting back on the road and playing and sharing that experience with the people."