Lesbian couple 'jeered' at by staff in Nottingham restaurant for kissing

Alice Bowerman (r)
Terri-Ann Metcalfe and Alice Bowerman (r)

A lesbian couple say they are are 'disgusted' after claiming they were jeered by restaurant staff for kissing in public.

Alice Bowerman and her partner Terri-Ann Metcalfe say the incident happened in a restaurant in Nottingham called Marmaris.

While waiting for food after a night out, the couple kissed and say staff members started hurling jeers at them.

"I was shocked. I asked if they would react like that to a man and a woman kissing and they said, 'No, because that's normal',” Miss Bowerman told the BBC.

"It was nothing outrageous, just a normal kiss - like any couple would do on a night out."

"I've been in same-sex relationships since I was about 19 and I've never experienced anything like this before."

The couple have been together for two years.

They said none of the other customers intervened, adding the experience was "humiliating".

She added: "I've always felt safe in Nottingham but this has disgusted me.

"You get lots of people asking why we need Pride nowadays but these kind of things reiterate why it's so important.

"I want them to know that no, they can't say these things, and we will do something about it."

The incident has been condemned by the secretary of Nottinghamshire Pride, Craig Martin.

He said he had suffered similar abuse in Nottingham and elsewhere.

"I've had things shouted at me before.You're certainly sensitive to who else is about, looking and checking,” said Martin.

"I feel resigned [about it], I feel sad, but I am not surprised. You move on quickly because it seems to be becoming so much more the norm."

Nottinghamshire Police said: "A hate incident has been reported and officers are continuing to investigate.

"We'd like to thank the victim for reporting and we will be providing the appropriate support to them."

Last month, four teenagers were charged over a homophobic attack against two women who refused to kiss on a London night bus.

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