Little Girl Hit Hard by Anaesthesia Thinks She Has 'Two Thumbs on One Hand'

A little girl who had tonsillectomy in Osage Beach, Missouri, woke up very much under the spell of anaesthesia, with hilarious footage recorded on April 7 showing her hallucinating two thumbs on one hand.

In the video, recorded by mom Lisa Shepard, the adorable AnaBeth can be seen staring at her hand in sheer terror.

When asked, “What are you staring at?” by her mother, the then 7-year-old replies, “I have two thumbs on one hand,” then elaborating that it was, in fact, “a pinky on a thumb.”

AnaBeth then proceeds to try and grab the imaginary extra digit, to the hilarity of her family.

Shepard told Storyful that her daughter had to have tonsillectomy and her adenoids removed.

“When she woke up she was talking weird stuff so I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to grab some good video to show in the future,” she said.

Shepard later uploaded a follow-up video, which shows AnaBeth reacting to the footage. Credit: Lisa Shepard via Storyful

Video transcript

- What are you staring at, Nanny? Anna, what are you staring at?

- I have to two thumbs on one hand.

- No you don't.

- [LAUGHTER] No you don't, honey. It's OK. I promise. There's only one thumb there.


- I have a pinkie on a thumb.


- What in the world?


- Honey, you only have one pinky and one thumb.


- Uh-uh.


- Oh my gosh.


- Are you OK? [LAUGHTER] What are you doing?

- Oh, she's dropping her popsicle.

- I'm catching my thumb.

- You're catching your thumb.

- I can't get it.


- Oh my gosh. There's no thumb there.

- Honey, there's nothing. [LAUGHTER] There's only one thumb, baby. Look, look. Honey, only one thumb right there. That's not a thumb. You're seeing things.


Anna Beth, you only have one thumb.


- Oh my gosh.


- Anna, there's no thumb there, baby.

- [LAUGHTER] She's very focused on trying to catch her second thumb.

- Nana, there's no-- look, there's no other thumb. Just the one. Just-- no. Just one thumb.

- She's hallucinating. What the hell?

- There's two thumbs.

- No there's not.

- Sweetheart, look at your other hand. Look this one. How many thumbs do you have?

- One.

- OK.

- But I have two fingers on the one.


- That's only one finger, baby. [LAUGHTER]

- There's nothing there, honey.


- Anna Beth, there's nothing there, sweetheart. I promise.