Little-known car refuelling tip that can prevent costly damage to paintwork

Someone filling up their car
-Credit: (Image: PA Wire/PA Images)

A hidden feature found in most vehicles could prevent people from causing potential damage to their cars at petrol stations. TikTok influencers have been demonstrating this simple hack that most drivers can implement immediately.

This little-known trick could stop motorists from scratching their car's bodywork, thus avoiding potentially expensive repairs in the future. The TikTok channel @LearnCar revealed that an unscrewed fuel cap can be placed on a specially designed holder rather than leaving it dangling.

This convenient slot is typically fitted inside the fuel cap door, making it easily accessible for those topping up their petrol and diesel vehicles. @LearnCar said: "There is a hidden feature on the fuel cap. Not even the gas station attendant knows."


The user then proceeded to let the cap hang down against the side of the vehicle, which could allow it to scratch the car's bodywork, reports the Express. They continued: "In fact, there will be a fixing piece on the fuel cap. Let's place the fuel filler cap on this mount. This will not damage the paint surface and is very convenient to use. Have you learned it? "

Another TikToker, @drivingtestsuccess, explained: "When you open the fuel cap to fill up. You can place the cap on this holder. Does your car have this feature?"

CheckaTrade has highlighted that fixing car scratches can be an expensive affair, with costs ranging from £70 to £210 depending on the vehicle's size. General paintwork repairs might reach up to £1,200 in some cases.

The revelation has left social media users scratching their heads, with many expressing surprise that this isn't common knowledge among more drivers.

One TikTok user, @dentonjamesmuelle, shared his thoughts: "I'm well aware of this so-called 'hidden feature'. I've known about it for years and there are other variations of it as well."

Another, @danieljr623, was incredulous: "So wait, you are telling me there are grown-ass adults who never knew this existed? LOL seriously? This can't be real?"

A different user chimed in with a dose of sarcasm: "Just because you're slower than everyone else doesn't mean it's a hidden feature. EVERYONE else has been aware of this since starting to drive."