Egypt's preliminary 2014 presidential election results

Hamdeen Sabbahi (Left) and former army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi

07:10 Unofficial results show the field marshal winning Egypt's 2014 presidential election by an overwhelming majority.

El-Sisi garnered 23.9 million votes, with his rival Sabahi only receiving 756,619. An estimated 25.6 million out of an approximately 54 million registered voters cast their ballots. Official results are expected early next week.

Modest celebrations still continue through the early morning in several places, including Tahrir Square in central Cairo.

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06:55 Here are the unofficial results from Cairo, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm:

El-Sisi 3,207,306 (96.57%) Sabahi 114,075 (3.43%) Turnout 51% Spoilt 179,543 Registered voters 6,864,557 

06:40 Al-Ahram's Arabic news website has published the unofficial results from Damietta:

El-Sisi 454,023 (97.6%) Sabahi 11,150 (2.40%) Turnout 53.63% Spoilt 21,927 Registered voters 908,546

06:25 Aswat Masriya also reports unofficial results from Al-Wadi Al-Gadeed:

El-Sisi 58,987 (95.6%) Sabahi 2,717 (4.4%) Turnout 43.66% Spoilt 3,728 Registered voters 150,087 

06:20 Here are the unofficial results coming in from the Nile Delta’s Beheira, according to Reuters’ Aswat Masriya news website:

El-Sisi 1,477,204 (97.4%) Sabahi 39,134 (2.6%) Turnout 46.1% Spoilt 60,538 Registered voters 3,422,131 

06:00 The unofficial North Sinai results are in, according to a presiding judge who spoke with privately-owned channel ONTV:

El-Sisi 78,306 (95.46%) Sabahi 3,725 (4.54%) Turnout 38.7 % Spoilt 5,712 Registered voters 226,564 

05:00 Here are the unofficial results of Menoufiya governorate, as published by privately-owned Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper

El-Sisi 1,407,213 (98.61%) Sabahi 19,788 (1.39%) Spoilt 71,181 Registered voters 2,340,830 Turnout 64.01% 

4:55 In an early morning speech on Thursday, Younes Makhyoun, head of the ultra-conservative Nour Party, thanked party members for participating in the campaign to support El-Sisi’s candidacy, according to Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website.

He asked God to consider their work as “good deeds" as they spent a lot of effort and dedicated their time and energy, despite being put in danger and criticised.

"I think the results, God willing, will be in the benefit of the country and its stability and cohesion," he said.

He added that his party was optimistic about the coming period and asked God to deliver good fortune via El-Sisi.

Previously a supporter of Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood movement, the Salafist Nour Party has since emerged as a backer of Egypt's interim government after Morsi's ouster, publicly supporting its transitional road map and El-Sisi's presidential candidacy.

04:50 Sabahi is overwhelmingly defeated in his hometown of Kafr El-Sheikh, in the Nile Delta, according to a presiding judge:

El-Sisi 852,504 (94.03%) Sabahi 54,114 (5.97%) Turnout 47.19% Spoilt 25,377 Registered voters 1,975,178 

04:30 Here are the unofficial results of Daqahliya governorate, as published by Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website: El-Sisi 2,038,867 (97.87%) Sabahi 44,378 (2.13%) Spoilt 61,162 Registered voters 3,891,184 Turnout 55.11%

04:25 Al-Ahram's Arabic news website reveals the final vote count from Upper Egypt's Sohag:

El-Sisi 814,076 (96.42%) Sabahi 30,251 (3.58%) Turnout 34.58% Spoilt 37,888 Registered voters 2,551,150  

04:00 The unofficial results from Giza governorate, according to a presiding judge:

El-Sisi 1,789,425 (96.21%) Sabahi 70,537 (3.79%) Turnout 42.25% Spoilt 99,833 Registered voters: 4,639,124  

03:55 Here are the unofficial results from Nile Delta's Sharqiya, according to media reports:

El-Sisi 1,913,269 (97.88%) Sabahi 41,417 (2.12%) Spoilt 66,389 Turnout: 53.7% Registered voters: 3,763,641 

03:40 After a tally of 15 governorates across Egypt, via unofficial results, the total vote so far shows an overwhelming lead for El-Sisi over Sabahi:

El-Sisi: 12,435,337 (96.92%) Sabahi: 394,537 (3.08%)

03:35 More unofficial results coming from Upper Egyptian governorates, as reported by Al-Ahram

Beni Suef: El-Sisi 594,091 (96.36%) Sabahi 22,472 (3.64%) Spoilt 32,592 Turnout: 43.26% Registered voters: 1,500,654

Assiut: El-Sisi 673,936 Sabahi 33,338 Spoilt 41,862 Turnout: 33.02%

03:10 And the latest unofficial results from Upper Egypt's Minya, as reported by Al-Ahram's Arabic news website:

El-Sisi 909,783 (95.8%) Sabahi 39,430 (4.2%) Spoilt 60,855 Turnout: 35.4% Registered voters: 2,854,088

3:05 A conciliatory tweet from Sabahi, whose defeat seems guaranteed by now:

"To the men and women and youth of my campaign: you held on to your dream, you fought for it courageously, and you paid the price with consent. You are the bravest, noblest, and the lasting ... I trust you and I'm proud of you."

03:00 Unofficial results from the third Suez Canal city of Ismailiya are at hand, according to a presiding judge:

El-Sisi 346,652 (96.8%) Sabahi 11,505 (3.2%) Spoilt 19,184 Turnout: 50% Registered voters: 754,682

02:48 Here are the unofficial results coming from Nile Delta’s Gharbiya, according to a presiding judge:

El-Sisi 1,732,516 (97.95%) Sabahi 36,350 (2.05) Spoilt 54,344 Turnout: 59.52% Total Registered: 363,135 

02:45 Unofficial results from Upper Egypt's Aswan, as revealed by Al-Ahram's Arabic news website:

El-Sisi 303,618 (97.12%) Sabahi 8,989 (2.88%) Spoilt 10,691  

02:40 The unofficial results coming out of Upper Egypt’s Luxor governorate are as follows:

El-Sisi 259,945 (97.5%) Sabahi 6,694 (2.5%) Spoilt 8,092 Registered 711,383 Turnout 38.6%

02:37  Unofficial results from Upper Egypt’s Qena, according to privately-owned satellite channel MBC Masr:

El-Sisi 537,685 (97.15%) Sabahi 15,784 (2.85%) Spoilt 11,739

02:35 El-Sisi marks another victory in Egypt’s second-largest city of Alexandria:

El-Sisi 1,603,621 (96.6%) Sabahi 56,420 (3.4%) Spoilt 80,691 Registered voters: 3,474,453 Turnout: 50.1%

(all results unofficial, pending final review by the PEC)

02:30 Here are the unofficial results from Qalioubiya governorate, according to a judicial source at the central polling station:

El-Sisi 1,433,440 (97.5%) Sabahi 34,966 (2.5%) Spoilt 55,970 Registered voters: 2,762,863 

02:15 Here are the final unofficial results from the Red Sea governorate, according to Al-Ahram's Arabic news website:

El-Sisi 100,844 (95.63%) Sabahi 4,612 (4.37%) Spoilt 4,740 Registered voters 224,231 Turnout 49.19%

A quick reminder that all of Ahram Online's live updates for the vote count are technically unofficial as they must be verified by the Presidential Elections Commission (PEC) and officially announced either Sunday or Monday of next week, 1 or 2 June.

02:10 The results from Fayoum governorate, south of Cairo, according to supervising judges:

El-Sisi 457,185 Sabahi 18,789 Spoilt 28,530 Registered: 1,660,320 Turnout: 30.4%

01:45 Here are the final results from the two Suez Canal governorates, as announced by presiding judges:

Suez: El-Sisi 166,875 (96.08 %) Sabahi 6,802 (3.92 %) Spoilt 13,458 Registered voters: 402,675 Turnout: 46.5%

Port Said: El-Sisi 257,554 (97.11%) Sabahi 7,654 (2.89%) Spoilt 16,242 Registered: 462,304 Turnout: 60.9%

01:35 The unofficial vote count from Matrouh governorate, on the Egypt-Libya border:

El-Sisi 54,038 (95.01%) Sabahi 2,841 (4.99%) Spoilt 5,418 Turnout: 16.76%

El-Sisi's popularity has spread over the border to Egypt's western neighbour, where Libyans  praise  the former defence minister's crackdown on Islamist militants at home, a scenario that they hope to repeat in their own country.

01:30 Judge Tarek Shebl, a member of the general secretariat of the Presidential Elections Commission (PEC), the judicial body supervising the poll, tells Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website that an estimated 25 million voters have cast their ballots.

He added that the official results will be announced either Sunday or Monday, 1 or 2 June, instead of the scheduled date of Thursday, 5 June, which coincides with the 47th anniversary of the 1967 Six-Day War, which led to the Israeli occupation of the Sinai Peninsula, East Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and the Golan Heights.

01:10 So it goes: Sabahi's hometown victory didn't last long. The final vote count of all polling centres in Balteem show the Nasserist candidate was closely defeated by his rival. However, he triumphed over the spoilt ballots, unlike at other centres across the country:

El-Sisi 9,085 Sabahi 8,411 Spoilt 482

01:05 Meanwhile, Egypt's interim Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab tells MBC Masr he will resign from his post once Egypt's new president is sworn in.

00:55 A spokesman for El-Sisi’s campaign is already speaking like a winner, thanking the "Egyptian people for putting their trust in Field Marshal Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi". Speaking to satellite Channel MBC Masr, spokesman Abdallah El-Moghazy said El-Sisi’s campaign didn't need the additional day of voting, citing the ex-army chief’s sweeping victory.

He said the media scared people by saying there was a low voter turnout, which he claimed was not true.

El-Moghazy said Egyptians went to polling centres for only one “motive”: the love of Egypt and beliefs in El-Sisi – unlike the temptations offered in the era of Hosni Mubarak, when bread, oil and grains were offered to get people to vote, he said.

00:50 Sabahi's hometown of Balteem in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate hasn’t let him down, according to privately-owned daily Al-Shorouk. The Nasserist, who until this moment is suffering from a nationwide drastic loss against his rival El-Sisi, won 906 of votes to the field marshal’s 675 at one polling centre in the town.

00:45 Ahram Online’s Ayat Al-Tawy is reporting from the highly-secured Maadi and Torah polling centre in south Cairo, where she says the presiding judges have announced the following tally:

El-Sisi 94,073 Sabahi 4,627 Spoilt 5877 Registered voters: 198,545 

00:40 Here are the unofficial results from Cairo's Qasr Al-Nil central polling station:

El-Sisi 17,137 Sabahi 732 Spoilt 757 Registered voters: 34,334

0:35 As an El-Sisi victory grows more certain, hundreds of Egyptians have gathered at the presidential palace in Cairo’s upscale Heliopolis district for an early celebration. The scene at the palace and the nearby Korba neighbourhood is dominated by El-Sisi posters and Egyptian flags being waved above the crowds. 

00:30 According to Samir Omar, head of Sky News Arabia's Cairo bureau, Judge Mohamed Khairy has been transported to a hospital after he was shot while on his way to a central polling centre in Qalioubiya’s Benha to hand in votes.

00:05 Participation is high in North Sinai – over 40 percent – despite ongoing security concerns in the area, the head of the PEC in North Sinai tells MBC Masr satellite channel.

The PEC official said that the vote count in North Sinai is only taking place in polling centres and that ballots are not being transported to the central stations. 

The ballots will be transported on Thursday morning, he said, due to travel being difficult on the roads at night.

North Sinai, which borders the besieged Gaza Strip, has been the scene of a Islamic militant insurgency since Mohamed Morsi’s ouster last summer.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its allies do not recognise the current presidential election and consider Morsi the only legitimate president.

23:55 Al-Ahram reveals the latest results from the central polling centre in South Sinai:

El-Sisi 32,138 Sabahi 1,642 Registered voters: 87,269

23:50 More results coming in from 11 polling centres in the capital, Cairo:

El-Sisi 85,640 Sabahi 2,246

23:45 Pro-Sisi celebrations have already begun in Upper Egypt's Fayoum and in Giza's Gameat Al-Dewal Al-Arabiya, according to independent media network Welad El-Balad.

His campaign members and supporters are also claiming victory on social networks.

"Congratulations to Egypt, to the Field Marshal, hard luck Mr. Hamdeen, what happened is a victory for all, we will build our country together," said Mahmoud Badr, youth representative of El-Sisi's campaign and co-founder of the Tamarod campaign – which spearheaded the protests against ousted president Mohamed Morsi last summer.

Mohamed Abou Hamed – a former MP and not just a hardcore supporter of El-Sisi but also a founder of the former army chief’s campaign – also expressed his joy via Twitter, saying "preliminary results show an overwhelming victory" for El-Sisi.

23:35 A bit of legal ping pong as the votes continue to come in. The PEC has refused an appeal that Sabahi filed against its decision to reject his legal complaint, which was submitted yesterday in objection to the PEC’s announcement that the voting process would be extended for a third day. Did you follow that? Here’s the full explanation:

Yesterday, the PEC ordered that voting be extended for a third day. This drew complaints from both Sabahi and El-Sisi’s campaigns –  both of which were rejected by the PEC. Sabahi filed an appeal against the PEC’s rejection. And now the PEC has rejected Sabahi’s appeal.

The PEC justified its ruling (to reject the appeal) by stating that Sabahi was not harmed by the decision, Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website reported.

23:25 The leftist candidate Sabahi seems to not only be competing with the ex-defence minister but also with the number of spoilt ballots.

According to privately-owned MBC Masr channel, Sabahi finished third in one of Port Said's central polling stations, Al-Dawahi:

El-Sisi 36,641 Sabahi 989 Spoilt 2,015

23:15 El-Sisi has secured the majority of votes in several Upper Egyptian governorates (all results unofficial and pending review by the PEC):

Qena El-Sisi 666 Sabahi 16

Aswan El-Sisi 4,373 Sabahi 129

Luxor El-Sisi 2,341 Sabahi 78

Minya El-Sisi 2,628 Sabahi 63

Beni Suef El-Sisi 3,332 Sabahi140

Fayoum El-Sisi 1,917 Sabahi 47

Sohag El-Sisi 1,700 Sabahi 30

Assiut El-Sisi 7,358 Sabahi 332

23:00 The first polling centre in Cairo’s upscale district of Zamalek has turned in its results, as reported by Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website:

El-Sisi 1,324 Sabahi 57

22:55 And six polling centres in Giza governorate:

El-Sisi 10,412 Sabahi 378

22:50 The latest results coming in from five polling centres in the Suez Canal governorate of Ismailiya:

El-Sisi 6,688 Sabahi 202 

22:45 The Nile Delta’s Sharqiya is the fastest governorate with its vote counting so far, with 10 polling centres already finished. Here’s their cumulative total: El-Sisi 14,838 Sabahi 323

22:40 The first completed vote count from a polling centre is in – Sayed Darwish School, in the Mediterranean governorate of Alexandria, where Sabahi finishes third behind spoilt ballots, which got over twice as many votes:

Sisi 1,897  Sabahi 31  Spoilt 71 

22:30 Ahram Online’s Mai Shaheen visits a polling centre at Al-Bahya Al-Borhamya school in Cairo’s Sayeda Zeinab district and reports the following results:

Sisi 3,448 Sabahi 142 Spoilt 161 Total registered voters: 6,435

22:20 Here's a sample of results from a few polling centres nationwide:

- Nasr El-Thawra School, Al-Wadi Al-Gadeed governorate: El-Sisi 1,085 Sabahi 40

- Ezba 3 polling station, Damietta governorate: El-Sisi 514 Sabahi 14 Spoilt 32

-Kafr Al-Hadadeen, Qalioubiya governorate:  El-Sisi 1,876 Sabahi 62

-And a polling station in Cairo’s Nasr City: El-Sisi 2,780 Sabahi 75 Spoilt 148 

22:15 The vote count has started in Ismailiya governorate on the Suez Canal, where in Abu Sultan School, 648 casted their ballots, according to Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website.

El-Sisi took 600 of the votes while Sabahi got 20.

22:05 North Sinai – the governorate which has witnessed a rise in militant attacks against the police and army since Morsi’s ouster last summer – also seems to be backing the field marshal.

According to Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website, 394 voted for El-Sisi at Al-Midan primary school in the border town of Al-Arish, while only 18 voted for Sabahi.

In Al-Gareer school, also in Al-Arish, El-Sisi won 567 of the votes, Sabahi only 24, and 21 ballots were spoilt.

21:55 Initial vote counts show ex-defence minister Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi as being well ahead in the race.

In Mohamed Morsi's hometown – the town of Adwa in the Nile Delta's Sharqiya – El-Sisi reportedly garnered 798 votes while Sabahi took only 67.

In Kafr El-Basha, another village in Sharqiya, El-Sisi won 1,289 of the votes, according to Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website, while Sabahi only got 14.

In another polling station in Upper Egypt's Beni Suef, only 5 votes were in favour of Sabahi while 315 went to El-Sisi.

21:40 Despite fears of a low turnout, judicial sources from the PEC have told Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website that around 21 million voters have turned up to cast their ballots – about 40 percent of the country's 54 million registered voters.

21:30 And the predictions are already coming in. An exit poll from the Egyptian Centre for Public Opinion Research (Baseera), commissioned by private satellite channel MBC Misr, puts former army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi firmly in the lead, with 95.3 percent of the votes  –  as compared to his rival, Hamdeen Sabahi, who secured only 4.7 percent.

Voter turnout was at 47 percent, according to the poll.

Baseera was granted permission to hold the exit poll from the Presidential Elections Commission (PEC), the judicial body supervising the election.

21:20 Vote-counting has already started across Egypt, around 20 minutes after polling centres were scheduled to close.


An estimated 14,000 polling centres nationwide have closed their doors, bringing the country closer to the announcement of its first president since the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi last summer.

Despite refusal by the campaigns of both presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabahi and Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, the voting process which was initially slated to only last for two days – Monday and Tuesday – was extended for a third day, a decision that according to many was influenced by fears of a low turnout.

Stay with Ahram Online through the night as we bring you blow-by-blow, station-by-station coverage as the results come in.

The official results of the presidential election will be announced on 5 June.