Lone Wolf Howls While Running Down Road in Yellowstone

A photographer captured a lone black wolf running along the road and howling at Yellowstone National Park on April 17.

Justin Byerly, who recorded this video and originally posted it to Facebook, told Storyful he captured this moment during the spring opening of the interior roads of the park. Byerly told Storyful he was hoping to get video of the wolf as he passed by to use on his social media platforms.

“Little did I know it would stop and howl. It was more than likely letting its pack know its location,” he said. “It’s a good reminder to take it slow if you go to Yellowstone, or any park known for animals.”

The wolf is seen wearing a tracking collar, a device used by the Yellowstone Wolf project to monitor and research the wolf population using either radio or GPS satellite technology, according to the National Park Service. Credit: Justin Byerly via Storyful

Video transcript