Loose Women: Gloria Hunniford sets record straight on Dale Winton's cause of death

Gloria Hunniford has appeared on the Loose Women panel to set record straight about the late Dale Winton’s cause of death.

In attendance on today’s lunchtime programme, Hunniford, 78, featured as part of the group on the show, including regulars Nadia Sawalha and Linda Robson, as well as singer Anastacia.

Gloria Hunniford speaks out on Dale Winton’s cause of death. (REX)
Gloria Hunniford speaks out on Dale Winton’s cause of death. (REX)

When the subject of Dale Winton came up, Gloria was quick to defend her late friend and deny that he took his own life when speaking fondly about him: ‘He was such a loved man, it was a celebration of his life, he had a great send off.

‘Dale himself above all people would have loved it. It was a humanist service. David Williams read a song as a poem.’

She continued: ‘It’s really upset me in the intervening times, so many people say to me, “It’s so sad that he killed himself”.’

‘He never would have done that.’

Nadia Sawalha, Linda Robson, Anastacia and Gloria Hunniford (REX)
Nadia Sawalha, Linda Robson, Anastacia and Gloria Hunniford (REX)

Gloria recounted her version of the fateful day when the Supermarket Sweep host was found dead: ‘What actually happened, he had his assistant in the house and she said they had a coffee and a chat and he said to her he’s not feeling great.

‘He went upstairs to have a bath or a shower, she thought it was quiet, she went upstairs in half an hour’s time and sadly found him dead in bed.’

She added that his death was down to natural causes, stating: ‘Dale had a lot of things going wrong, he had pain with arthritis, he had a heart complaint, he had a chest infection, and we all know how the winter affected that. He had asthma as well.

‘The coroner’s report will come out in two weeks’ time.’

Dale passed away at his London home in April but the cause of death was unknown and remains unconfirmed.

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