Man Performs Incredible Stunt at French Water Park

A man was filmed performing a dangerous stunt as part of a challenge organized by the Frenzy Waterpark in Torreilles, France, on August 1.

In the video, stunt artist @la_mascotte94 can be seen jumping from the roof of the park’s tallest ramp. The footage shows him sliding down and into the air, where he flips back to his feet before landing in the swimming pool.

A spokesperson for the park told Storyful: “It happened during our traditional ‘Best Tricks’ competition. This kind of crazy acrobatics with professionals only happens on this day.”

The spokesperson explained that rules during the rest of the season are strict, and that “people can’t do this kind of thing.”

The video was originally posted to Instagram by Frenzy Waterpark, who captioned the post “one of the most extreme jumps from our ‘Best Tricks’ competition.”

Other videos published to the @la_mascotte94 Instagram account show that the stunt artist is no stranger to a slide challenge, with some landings looking more painful than others. Credit: Instagram/frenzy.waterpark via Storyful

Video transcript