Man who took images of shot London terrorists describes the moment police shot them dead

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

The person who captured the dramatic moment that the three London Bridge terrorists were shot dead by armed police has spoken about what he witnessed for the first time.

Italian documentary maker Gabriele Sciotto used his iPhone to take pictures of the three men as they lay dead on the ground after they were hit by 50 bullets.

The 25-year-old was standing just yards away from the scene, after being yelled at to “get down” as police attempted to separate the public from the attackers.

Armed officers shot dead the terrorists in just eight minutes (Rex)

Mr Sciotto explained how he had stepped out of the pub where he was watching the Champions League final after hearing screaming outside – right into the path of the three killers, wearing what looked like gas canisters around their waists.

He told MailOnline: “I immediately thought they were fake. They did not look right.

“The police officers were trying to get them away from the crowd. Everyone was scared and running everywhere. It is the most confusing thing I have ever seen.


“Then they shot them. I saw three men being shot.”

Mr Sciotto captured the moment two unarmed officers wearing stab proof vests checked whether the men were still alive.

One of his photographs showed the face of a dying terrorist, who was wearing an Arsenal football shirt and combat trousers, lying on the ground a few metres in front of him.

Eyewitnesses spoke of being shouted at to get down as the suspects were chased (Rex)

Mr Sciotta, from Polistena, southern Italy, added: “They were all shot dead in a matter of seconds, bang, bang, bang.

“They were very efficient. It was like they were already ready, like they were on the radio.”

Mr Sciotto remained where he was until the special forces arrived – but described the terror that he – and the police – felt.

Police are trying to piece together the vents of Saturday night (Rex)

He said: “All the policemen were scared.

“I was more scared afterwards by the police. It didn’t feel real at the time. I was very stupid to stand there.”

Seven people were killed when terrorists drove into crowds at London Bridge before launching a stabbing rampage at nearby Borough Market.

Top pic: Instagram/fried_chicken