This is how many Brits would like to be a member of the Royal Family

More than four in ten Brits say they would like to be part of the Royal family, according to a poll by YouGov and Yahoo UK (Picture: PA)

Being a Prince or Princess might be dismissed as the stuff of fairytales, but it seems it’s not that far from Brits’ ambitions.

A new poll carried out by YouGov and Yahoo UK revealed that more than four in ten Britons would join the Royal family in some capacity if they had the chance.

According to the survey, which features in the latest episode of Yahoo UK’s podcast Britain is a Nation of…, 44% of people would like to be a Royal in some form, while 50% of people said they wouldn’t, and the remainder weren’t sure.

When it comes to men and women, there isn’t much difference when it comes to their royal aspirations, the survey suggests.

The data shows that younger people are keener to join The Firm than their older counterparts. 53% of 18-24 years old would be a member if they could, compared to 36% of over 55s.

40% of young people say they don’t want to be part of the Royal family at all, compared to 60% of those over 55.

The poll also asked people in what capacity they would like to be a member of the Royal family.

The options were a ‘working royal by birth’ like Princes William or Harry; a ‘non-working royal’ like Princess Eugenie or Princess Beatrice; a working royal by marriage such as Kate Middleton or Meghan Markle; a non-working royal by marriage like Princess Eugenie’s husband Jack Brooksbank; or they could say they would not like to be a member of the royal family at all.

People would rather be a ‘working royal’ like Prince Harry or wife Meghan than a ‘non-working royal’, the poll showed (Picture: Getty)

Discussing the subject on this week’s podcast, YouGov data journalist Victoria Waldersee said the poll had revealed that people are more likely to want to be a ‘working royal’  than a ‘non-working royal’.

She said: “The least popular option is non-working royal by birth who less than one in 20 Brits are interested in.”

Listen to a discussion of these statistics on Yahoo and YouGov’s podcast, Britain is a Nation of…

Speaking on the podcast Nick Ede, PR expert and Royal commentator, said that people who want to be royal might change their minds if they knew exactly what was invovled.

He said: “I think it would be really interesting if you basically had a job spec for what it is to be a royal as opposed to the jobs that we do. Actually as a job it is a big job.”

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