'Married At First Sight Australia' newest wedding twist is too much drama for fans

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'MAFS Australia' has introduced a new twist. (Channel 4)
'MAFS Australia' has introduced a new twist. (Channel 4)

Married At First Sight Australia is known for upping the ante each series with ever-more dramatic twists, but the most recent proved too much even for loyal fans.

Season eight of the extreme dating show is currently airing on E4 and although the couples are only two commitment ceremonies in, there has already been a cheating scandal, a "joke" declaration of love for one of the experts, and three couples have quit the experiment.

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However, the show had two new couples lined up to tie the knot and join the series - and in a MAFS first, the original contestants were recruited as wedding guests.

But the twist didn't go down well with every viewer, as fans complained about the contrived situation.

Melissa and Bryce have had a stormy marriage so far. (Channel 4)
Melissa and Bryce have had a stormy marriage so far. (Channel 4)

One person tweeted: "This is boring. We've moved on from the weddings and are into divorce mode now. Can't be doing with getting to know new couples."

Someone else added: "As if it isn’t awkward enough marrying a complete stranger and having a wedding reception with their friends and family; please tell me the other couples aren’t coming to the reception as well?!"

MAFS Australia introduced two new couples in season six with disastrous effect - Susie and Billy only lasted a short time before their vicious arguments saw them quit, and Tamara was left by husband Dan for original contestant Jessika.

Belinda, Joanne
Jo and Belinda were wedding guests this time. (Channel 4)

Viewers also sympathised with the new couples that they had to endure hosting guests who were already involved in rows, including Bryce who alienated the rest of the group during a bitter dinner party argument, and James who "joked" to wife Jo that he was in love with show expert Alessandra before trying to leave her.

One fan tweeted: "Imagine your disappointment when Bryce or James turn up at your wedding."

The upset spilled over into new couple Kerry and John's wedding day, as one viewer wrote: "That was way harsh what is being said by James and Jo at Kerry and John wedding, end of the day, it must hurt but still, save it for any time other than someone else's reception."

James 'declared his love' for an unamused Alessandra. (Channel 4)
James 'declared his love' for an unamused Alessandra. (Channel 4)

Someone else added: "Jo, this is the kind of couple's discussion you have one-to-one, behind closed doors. NOT with an audience at someone else's wedding!"

The other knew couple joining the experiment were Georgia and Liam, the show's first openly bisexual contestant who opened up to his new wife at the reception.

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