Mel B rushed to hospital with broken ribs and 'severed' hand

Laura Hannam
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    ' Dani Dyer has confirmed that she is still coupled up with her boyfriend Jack Fincham after sharing a clip of her beau on Instagram.
    The reality star, 22, took to social media just days ago to announce that she and Jack had gone their separate ways after an incredible six months.'
    mel b was just a one night stand to eddie the eagle,get over it girl
    Probably can’t count past 40 anyway
    Dani Dyer 'confirms' that she's back together with Jack Fincham
    Dani Dyer 'confirms' that she's back together with Jack Fincham
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    Looks fishy,I suffered a fractured rib and could barely breathe,standing around with arm up..don’t think so,probably only sold 1/2 a dozen book signing tickets..easy way to save face,heard her on the radio,think it was yesterday,so would not look like that either after severed hand trauma and 3 hour op..
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    A "severed hand" means that her hand was completely cut off. That is clearly not the case in the pictures that have been published so why are people using the word "severed"?
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    I don't believe a word of this at all. Does she look like she has broken ribs and a 'severed' hand? Sadly her and her like (Katona, Price) would make up any story for the sake of publicity.
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    This seems like a publicity stunt. She's posing at the hospital with makeup on and doesn't look in pain.
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    "To sever: verb (used with object)
    to separate (a part) from the whole, as by cutting or the like." How did she cut her hand completely off?
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    I agree Will, having had broken ribs I know how painful and uncomfortable it is. There's no way that I was able to stand up for any length of time.
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    I thought I read severed head at first, oh well we can still dream.
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    With any luck the tour will be cancelled.
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    Severed hand takes all day to put back on and then comes with a full course IV antibiotics, and a broken rib leaves you sat awkwardly not speaking for a week. Publicity stunt 98% chance.