Melissa Rauch Celebrated Night Court's Season 3 Renewal With A Sweet Post, And Kunal Nayyar Left A Comment That Should Make Big Bang Theory Fans Excited

 Melissa Rauch and Kunal Nayyar on NBC's Night Court Season 2.
Melissa Rauch and Kunal Nayyar on NBC's Night Court Season 2.

As May Sweeps continues, plenty of TV shows are getting the greenlight for additional seasons. Such a series that was lucky enough to land a renewal was NBC’s revival of Night Court. The Melissa Rauch-led sitcom will return for a third season, and fans are surely excited about this new development. And they aren’t the only ones excited as you can probably imagine. Rauch herself celebrated the achievement with a sweet post, and that’s not all. Kunal Nayyar reacted to it with a comment that’s sure to make fans of The Big Bang Theory excited.

How Melissa Rauch Reacted To The Show Getting Renewed

The renewal announcement surfaced this past week amongst a number of other moves by the Peacock network and major small-screen entities. Some time after the reports started coming out, Melissa Rauch took to her Instagram account, sharing a headline from one of the news outlets that covered the big news. She also punctuated the big moment with a short but sweet statement:

So incredibly grateful that Night Court will be coming back to your TV screens on [NBC] for a Season 3! ♥️

From the outside looking in, a decision on Night Court’s fate may have seemingly come down to the wire. It was probably, however, fair to assume that it would get another season. According to Variety, NBC revealed that the comedy notched 24 million viewers across multiple viewing platforms during its 13-episode second season. It also holds the distinction of being the #1 primetime comedy amongst the adult 18-49 demographic and is the network’s highest-ranking comedy when it comes to total viewers. I can see why Melissa Rauch, who spoke about fan reactions to the show with CinemaBlend while awaiting the renewal, is hyped. But I think it’s Big Bang Theory aficionados who should be pumped.

What Kunal Nayyar Said When Responding To His Co-Star’s Post

Throughout its first two seasons, Night Court has welcomed a number of familiar faces to the courtroom. NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Saturday Night Live veteran Melissa Villaseñor are just a few of the talented performers to appear. The show has also provided Melissa Rauch with some Big Bang Theory reunions, including one emotional experience with Kate Micucci (who played Lucy on that show). Former Raj Koothrappali actor Kunal Nayyar reunited with Rauch during Season 2, playing the role of fashion designer Martini Toddwalls, who has a fling with Rauch’s Abby Stone. When commenting on his longtime co-star’s post, Nayyar said the following:

Yaaaaassssssssss. Have Martini back!

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While there’s been no official indication as to whether Kunal Nayyar’s character will actually return, it’s great to know that the actor is more than game to return if the call comes. Certainly, there’s more that can be done with both Abby and Martini and, personally, I think it’d be fun to have Toddwalls become a true recurring character. I’m also sure Melissa Rauch, who’s also a producer on the show, would love to have him back if possible. She’s maintained her relationships with Nayyar and other TBBT alums, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he or any of their other former castmates show up.

Viewers will just have to wait and see whether Martini does indeed reunite with Abby at some point. Right now though, I’m just glad that we can officially say that Night Court Season 3 is a go!

It’s currently unclear whether Night Court, which concluded its second season in March, will return to the 2024 TV schedule as a fall offering, so you’ll want to keep tabs on that. In the meantime, stream episodes using a Peacock subscription and check out some of TV’s other biggest comedies.