Mowgli founder is looking for 'supertasters' to eat at her restaurants

Mowgli Knutsford will be opening in 2024
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Celebrity chef Nisha Katona is on the hunt for "supertasters" to enjoy complimentary meals at her Mowgli restaurants.

Nisha expressed her desire for Mowgli enthusiasts who have been part of the "followed the Mowgli journey from the beginning" to serve as covert diners in three of her Indian eateries across the UK.

Although her Manchester restaurant isn't currently seeking supertasters, she is actively recruiting for her upcoming Knutsford location, set to open this summer.

The forthcoming Knutsford venue is rapidly taking shape within the former Barclays bank premises in the quaint Cheshire market town.

In an Instagram post launching the initiative, Nisha penned: "Fancy being a Mowgli Supertaster! ? I built Mowgli brick by brick FOR you and WITH you.", reports the Manchester Evening News.

"The dishes and the atmosphere are the equivalent of me, opening up my home kitchen, and therefore we could never be everybody's cup of tea- BUT if you are someone who followed the Mowgli journey from the beginning, who can eat and loves the entire menu, and someone who is as hurt as me when our welcome is not like that of a needy Spaniel then follow the link in the bio or below."

She continued: "We will cover the cost of your food and all you have to do is tell us how it was. Mowgli develops at her peril, if at the heart of how we grow is not around you, the people for whom we grow her."

Nisha Katona, the founder of Mowgli Street Food, has announced that she is on the hunt for 'supertasters' to help her maintain the high standards at her restaurants in Knutsford, Lincoln and Bridgend. In a video posted online, Nisha explained: "I need two people who live in those three areas to come in to my restaurants, I need them look at the environment, are all the lightbulbs working? is it clean? Did you get a nice smile when you walked in, did you have a nice goodbye on the way out, how were you treated? ".

She continued: "Super importantly how was the food, was the dahl the right consistency, was the chicken not too spicy, all these things that matter to me, matter to the supertasters."

"If you live in the areas of Knutsford, Lincoln, Bridgend, look at the application below we will pay for two of you to come in and eat, all we need is for you to be really frank with us on your feedback."

"So If you're a Mowgli fan and more importantly a Mowgli well-wisher and you want to helps us to continue to keep try and getting it right and you live in these three areas then please make an application. The entries have to be in by 9th June and then we will start getting people coming in, eat and feedback and to help build this business."

The post quickly garnered over 2,000 likes, with many followers urging Nisha to open a Mowgli restaurant in their own towns and cities across the UK.

The latest addition to Nisha's rapidly expanding Mowgli chain will be the 22nd restaurant, located in Knutsford. The business first launched in Liverpool in 2014 and quickly expanded to Manchester in 2015.

Nisha, a former lawyer, was inspired to establish the restaurant to share the vibrant flavours of Indian home cooking.

Those interested can apply via the @Mowglistreetfood official Instagram page, where an application link is provided in the bio. Applications must be submitted by June 9, with successful applicants being contacted by June 18.

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