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Daily Express

The Daily Express asks how much more Britain can take and suggests that any decision made by Parliament that blocks Britain leaving the EU or tries to seek a second option from voters “will be treachery”. (Twitter)

'How much more can Britain take?' Newspapers react to Brexit vote chaos

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

After Theresa May suffered yet another humiliating Brexit defeat in Parliament on Tuesday night, the UK media wasted no time in having their say.

The Prime Minister, whose croaky voice could barely be heard in the Commons, had been hoping that Tory backbenchers would come to her way of thinking and finally get behind her much-maligned deal.

However, despite some switchers, the PM lost the second Meaningful Vote after MPs voted the deal down by 391 votes to 242.

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The nation’s newspapers shared the view that the result had left Britain’s EU departure, Mrs May’s premiership and trust in Parliament in peril.

From ‘House of fools’ to ‘Brexit delay mayhem’, Wednesday’s front pages make from reading for both the PM and politicians as a whole.

Here’s how they reacted…