NASA has just spotted a Muppet on the surface of Mars

Rob Waugh
NASA thinks Mars formation looks like Beaker the Muppet — and it totally does (NASA) 

Science fiction hadn’t prepared us for this – could the inhabitants of Mars actually be fuzzy puppets familiar from children’s TV?

A NASA camera has spotted what appears to be the Muppet Beaker on the surface of the Red Planet.

So, is this evidence that life on Mars exists – and it was designed by Jim Henson?

Not exactly: as NASA points out, it’s a classic bit of ‘pareidolia’ – where people see faces and other ‘human’ objects in scenes.


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It popped up in images of Mars’s pole taken by an orbiting satellite – while much of the Red Planet is obscured by dust storms.

NASA says, ‘While the global dust storm has obscured much of the surface, we’ve still been able to get some good images of the polar region. (247 km above the surface).’