New poll suggests Walking Dead fans believe Negan kills...?

Sorry to be the possible spoiler merchant again, but if you don’t want to know who Negan may have killed at the very end of The Walking Dead series 6 then it’s time to raise one shoulder, drag one foot behind you, pull half your intestines out and make like a zombie and walk elsewhere!

Still here? Right then, for all those of you who either have a very good idea who you think Negan took his bat to, or for anyone who just can’t wait a month to find out, here’s the results of a poll conducted by Gold Derby. They asked fans to choose just one of the eleven characters last seen trembling on their knees as Negan and his barbed-bat Lucille prowled back and forth in front of them.

For anyone who read my last post on The Walking Dead, you’ll know that being able to vote for only one character might not really be good enough if current theories making their way around the internet are proved correct.

But alas, only one you are allowed to vote for, and so only one choice is what people made. So who did people put their money on?

Well there’s unsurprisingly a clear leader with 33.47% of the total vote and that’s probably because he’s the one who feels the taste of Negan’s bat first in the comic books. And the name of that character is… drum roll please… Glenn. But we all know that the writers of the show don’t always stick to what was previously put on the page by Robert Kirkman so we could all be in for a huge surprise.

And if the fans that voted at Gold Derby are correct, that surprise could be the death of Abraham who took the second highest number of votes with 27.18%. After the impressive amount of quotable one-liners and quality dialogue delivered in the last season, it would be a huge shame to see Abraham have a rather nasty date with Lucille.

The numbers of voters choosing anybody else are significantly lower with Eugene getting 10.5% of the votes closely followed by Daryl with 8.4%. Remember AMC, if Daryl dies, we riot ok?

Only 1.3% of voters think that Rick could possibly be departing this mortal coil which puts him around the same level as more minor characters such as Rosita and Sasha. Interestingly Maggie only gets 3.5% of the vote too, but I wonder if that might have been higher if people were given the opportunity to vote for more than one character meeting their deaths at Negan’s hands.

What do you think? Is it Glenn? Is it Abraham? Or are the fans way off? Go vote at Gold Derby if you haven’t already!

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