Is Robbie Williams’ daughter Teddy set for future showbiz career after Netflix cameo?

Teddy steals the spotlight in fun cameos in dad's Netflix docuseries

Robbie Williams poses for photographers upon arrival at the premiere for the Robbie Williams documentary
Robbie Williams is a very proud dad. (Getty)

Robbie Williams’ eldest child Theodora "Teddy" could be set on the path for a career in the limelight in the future after her famous parents.

Born to rock star Williams and his actor wife Ayda Field Williams, it’s no surprise that the 11-year-old has incredible talent when it comes to her vocals and – in her dad's words – she's a "performer".

The famous offspring made a starring cameo in Netflix’s Robbie Williams docuseries, where she sings and at times even steals the limelight from the mega star himself.

Do Robbie Williams' kids appear in the Netflix’s series?

Singer Robbie Williams and actress Ayda Field attend the Stella McCartney Autumn 2018
Robbie Williams and his wife Ayda Field Williams have four children together (Getty)

Williams shared glimpses into his family life with his wife Field Williams and their four children – Teddy, Charlie, nine, Colette (Coco), five and Beau, three.

During the Netflix series, Teddy made a number of appearances and the moving scenes capture her close bond with her dad.

Taking after him, the rock star’s daughter showed she had her own talent when she was heard singing a few times throughout the documentary - most notably when she sang Williams’ hit song Angels.

As well as her talent, a cheeky Teddy occasionally interrupted her dad while he was filming his reflections on his career history.

Teddy and Robbie's close bond

Robbie Williams has worn his heart on his sleeve in his docuseries (Netflix)
Robbie Williams has worn his heart on his sleeve - especially when talking to his daughter in his docuseries (Netflix)

Their sweet moments together lead to emotional deep conversations between them that play out in the docuseries for everyone to see – giving fans a glimpse into his family life as a husband and a dad-of-four.

Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Williams really opened up to his daughter about his experience in Take That and his feelings towards Gary Barlow.

With warmth, Teddy had no qualms asking her dad the difficult question: who did he dislike most in Take That?

He said: “I disliked Gary the most because he was the one who was supposed to have everything and the career, and I wanted to make him pay. I was vengeful.”

Williams has opened the doors into his life like never before (Netflix)
Robbie Williams has opened the doors into his life like never before. (Netflix)

Looking back at the footage, the singer had revealed he was a bit jealous of his former bandmate and at times even “resented” him.

Teddy pressed her dad further, asking him, how he wanted to make Barlow pay?

Williams added: “By having the career that he was supposed to have.”

Later in the docuseries, he lifted the lid on how rejoining Take That in 2010 helped the rockstar get his foot back on the showbiz ladder after he took time away from the spotlight to heal his addiction demons.

Robbie Williams rejoins Take That with bandmates Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Jason Orange
Robbie Williams pictured with Take That bandmates Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Mark Owen and Jason Orange. (Getty)

He said: “There was a reason I left Take That so angry, my anger has dissipated and gone now.”

He added: “Rejoining Take That really helped me, propelled me back in, helped me be camouflaged in public but seen. Rejoining Take That was a vital part of my journey to where I am now.”

Another moment in the docuseries saw Teddy cheekily interrupt her dad about snacks but their sweet interaction leads to a deep moment between them.

Emotions have been running high in the series and Williams revealed to his daughter that he has just watched back the most difficult moment in his star-studded career.

He told her: “Listen, I’ve just probably reached the most traumatic moment in my life… You’ll be able to watch it. You’ll be able to watch the documentary when you’re much older.”

What has Robbie said about his daughter Teddy?

Williams has made no secret of Teddy’s showbiz potential, clearly taking after her dad’s entertainer persona.

The proud parents have previously posted moments of their daughter singing on their social media profiles.

Of her talent, Williams told podcast Robbie Williams Rewind: “Ted’s a performer, way ahead of where I was at the same age as her, just unbelievable.

“Her personality – and I know there’s the proud dad aspect of everything but, trust me, I know when my children are good at things and not good at other things. She, in particular, is a mini-me when it comes to performance.”

When she was seven, Williams proudly told the world that his daughter was already a better singer than him.

He told The Daily Star in 2019: “I’m not the most talented singer in my family - my daughter is more talented than me, Teddy is a fantastic singer - really.

“Already she’s got a musical ear and it’s incredible.”

Why Robbie and Ayda want to give their kids a normal childhood first

Teddy has now made her showbiz cameo in her dad’s docuseries.

She was previously a bridesmaid for Williams' close friend Princess Eugenie at the very public royal wedding to Jack Brooksbank in 2018.

Often the Williams couple will share home videos of Teddy on social media - including her showcasing her incredible singing talent - because they are super proud parents.

However, they always keep her face out of the video - which they do for all of their four children.

“We never show their faces, it’s really important to us,” Williams once explained on Loose Women.

“We’re really proud and we want to share absolutely everything but there’s a law in this country that they can’t put pictures up of kids in the papers unless you’re posting their faces.”

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Netflix's four-part Robbie Williams documentary is available to watch from Wednesday, 8 November.