Nigel Farage attacks Harry and Meghan in reaction to Prince Philip’s death: ‘Public opinion is going to go down very fast’

Oliver O'Connell
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Nigel Farage launched a scathing attack on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in an appearance on Fox News shortly after the announcement of Prince Philip’s death. 

Asked for his thoughts on the death of the Duke of Edinburgh by the hosts of Fox & Friends, the former MEP and leader of the Brexit Party did not hold back.

He claimed that the couple’s decision to go ahead with the broadcast while Prince Philip was in hospital will see their standing with people drop “very, very fast”.

“It was well known that Philip only had a few weeks to live and yet despite that, despite the fact the Queen must have been in a state of deep distress, they proceeded to do an interview at which they attacked, effectively, the older members of the royal family,” said Mr Farage.

He added that he thought the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “indeed did their best to threaten the very institution itself.”

 (Nigel Farage/Twitter)
(Nigel Farage/Twitter)

Continuing, he said: “Given that today is the day that Philip has died, I won’t use the words about Meghan and Harry that I would like to, but I think it was deeply disrespectful.”

A little later in the broadcast, when pressed again on the fallout of the interview and the way in which it had called into question the future of the royal family, Mr Farage said he felt that the Duke’s death would draw a line underneath that.

“When people see the tributes pouring in from all over the world, especially from our Commonwealth, which the Queen is the head of and which Philip played such a big role in,” Mr Farage said. “People will realise what a big deal the British monarchy is.”

Returning to his attack on the Harry and Meghan, he added: “When people realise, as I have just said to you, that it was known for the last many weeks that he was at death’s door, when people realise that Meghan and Harry went ahead with that interview regardless, throwing around unjustified allegations, I have a feeling public opinion in terms of Meghan and Harry is going to go down very, very fast.”

Oprah Winfrey’s bombshell interview with Harry and Meghan was broadcast in the US on 7 March and in the UK the following evening.

The Duke of Edinburgh retired from public life in 2017, having spent more than seven decades supporting the Queen as her consort.

In March he spent a month in hospital for a heart condition and an infection. He left hospital in the middle of the month, returning to Windsor Castle where he passed away on Friday morning.

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