Ohio School Board Member Defends Resolution Banning Anti-Racism and Critical Race Theory Teaching

A school board member in Cincinnati, Ohio, was faced with laughter while explaining why she proposed a resolution banning anti-racism and critical race theory teachings in the Forest Hills School District, which passed with a 3-2 majority on June 22.

In footage from the meeting, recorded by School Board Bird Dog, participants can be heard laughing while board member Sara Jonas speaks on the proposed “Culture of Kindness” resolution.

Jonas says, “Why I offered this is just to make sure that both sides are always taught to the students.” The comment elicits laughter and disbelief from the audience, with one member heard asking “But it [the resolution] specifically says anti-racism is not allowed?”

The resolution, which local media reported brought protesters to the board meeting on June 22, passed in a 3-2 majority.

Local media reported that parents, students, and teachers in Forest Hills School District have since filed lawsuits against each school board member and incoming superintendent Larry Hook, resulting in a court order stipulating that the “Culture of Kindness” resolution cannot be enforced or implemented as the case proceeds in court. Credit: School Board Bird Dog via Storyful

Video transcript

SARA JONAS: The reason why I authored this is just to make sure that both sides are always being taught to the students.


- Oh my God.

- It specifically says anti-racism is not allowed. So racism--

SARA JONAS: OK, so to go back to the anti-racism. When we're talking about anti-racism, I know when you look up the definition of it, it says when you oppose racism. Well, I'm--


Folks, I really want to have an open discussion, but there is no way to have an open discussion with all the chitter chatter and the laughing. And we're trying to talk. I heard what everybody said earlier about the lack of communication.

I totally agree with everybody. We can do a much better job communicating. But I mean, it isn't funny. We are-- we're brand new. It's like drinking from our fire hose. We are trying our best.