‘Park elsewhere!’ Neighbour graffitis next door's car in bitter dispute over parking space

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<em>The vandalised Audi was parked behind a police station (Caters)</em>
The vandalised Audi was parked behind a police station (Caters)

A row between neighbours over a parking space has escalated to the point where a car was vandalised with rude graffiti.

The white Audi was spotted with the message ‘park elsewhere’ screen across it as it sat behind Winchester Constabulary’s Operational Headquarters in Hampshire.

Meg House, 22, noticed the Audi S3 – that had been neatly parked within the lines of a bay – as she walked home from work.

<em>The car had been scrawled over in black ink (Caters)</em>
The car had been scrawled over in black ink (Caters)

She said she was “stunned” to see the message written across i and believes it is the result of a parking dispute that spiralled out of control.

Miss House said: “I was just absolutely stunned – it’s criminal damage.It’s just completely horrible. Such a horrible thing to do to a person’s car.

“I would be very annoyed if that was my car. If it was mine I would have certainly reported it to the police.


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“I mean, that car perhaps shouldn’t have been parked there but to write that over the car is a little bit over the top.

“I thought it might have been a police car because it was in what looked like a police car space. I just can’t believe someone would do that.”

Miss House said the car was gone a week later.

<em>Meg House was stunned when she saw the car (Caters)</em>
Meg House was stunned when she saw the car (Caters)

She added: “I think perhaps it’s a car parking space for someone who parks there regularly and the other person has just sprayed it.”

Officers confirmed that the car was not a police vehicle and were not investigating.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said: “We are not investigating a report of criminal damage connected to this car. This is not a police vehicle.”

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