Paul Cattermole relists BRIT Award on eBay after bidder failed to pay up

Mike P Williams
(Credit: REX)

It’s been an up-and-down month for former S Club 7 member Paul Cattermole.

After gaining significant publicity, the former popstar managed to bag an impressive £66,100 for his Best Newcomer gong from 2000, receiving 125 bids and a lot of media coverage in the process.

However, his hopes of the windfall cash sum were dashed when the bidder failed to pay up.

Despite the auction description warning people against joining in with fake bids they were not prepared to honour, it appears the now illusive winner has proven to be just that.

Initially, Paul, 40, wanted to raise some money after suffering from a long term back injury he sustained during the stage production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, so after the ‘success’ of the first ‘sale’, he popped his other BRIT, the award for Best Single in 2002, up for auction.


Both BRITs went for just over and under £66,000, respectively. But with the original bidder having now gone AWOL, there’s surely fear that the same will happen to the other.

So far there’s been no confirmation that his second BRIT has actually been paid for, but that hasn’t stopped him from relisting the first BRIT (bear with us) which is now on back on the auction site and, with just a few hours to go, on £60,600 with 12 bids.

The updated description says: ‘This item is being re-listed due to a non paying winning bidder’ and politely requests for ‘No time wasters please.’

(Credit: REX)

Paul’s also taken the opportunity to upload some other treasured items, such as the Pulsar Spoon watch from Miami 7, LA , and Go Wild.

Paul has been tweeting the auctions to his 21,400 followers, in the hope of gaining bids from genuine fans rather than time-wasters.

Since the band’s brief regrouping and tour in 2015, Paul had already been back with his original rock band Skua. They reformed in 2014, after having lost contact for 12 years and speaking again on Facebook. After a jam session and the release of a single, titled Falling, the band planned to do more concerts to push their debut album, Kneel.

Yahoo Celeb has contacted Paul for comment.

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