Queen Barbie Dolls being sold for £1,000 online amid Platinum Jubilee souvenir scramble

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The Queen Elizabeth II Barbie doll has been released to commemorate the historic Platinum Jubilee (PA)
The Queen Elizabeth II Barbie doll has been released to commemorate the historic Platinum Jubilee (PA)

QueenBarbie dolls are being flogged for up to £1,000 online after the toy released to commemorate the historic Platinum Jubilee sold out from stores within seconds.

Collectors lucky enough to get their hands on the doll are scrambling to cash in with dozens of adverts popping up on Ebay in recent days.

Most are offering one of Mattel’s special platinum jubilee dolls for around £200, but some adverts have appeared with price tags in excess of £700 with one cheeky seller pitching one with a “buy it now” price of £1,000.

That is more than ten times the original retail price of £95.

 (MATTEL/AFP via Getty Images)
(MATTEL/AFP via Getty Images)

And prices could well climb higher online as only 20,000 were made - and the demand is intense.

John Lewis reported this week that its stock of Queen Elizabeth II Barbies sold out in just three seconds.

The Barbie doll was released on the Queen’s 96th birthday in April, and is “instantly recognisable”, fitted with an elegant ivory gown and blue ribbon adorned with decorations of order.

It also features a tiara modelled on Queen Mary’s fringe tiara, which the Queen wore on her own wedding day.

The pink ribbon on the doll imitates one given to the Queen by her father George VI, and the pale blue imitates one from her grandfather George V.

The doll is part of Barbie’s Tribute Collection, which was launched last year in celebration of “visionary individuals with an outstanding impact and legacy within society”.

It is presented in a box inspired by the styles of Buckingham Palace, made from a 3D ornate die-cut border framing the figure, and an inner panel showing the throne and the red carpet of the throne room.

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