Reuben Owen confirms split from girlfriend Sarah

The Our Yorkshire Farm star revealed his girlfriend Sarah Dow was pursuing her own career

Watch Reuben Owen confirm split from girlfriend Sarah

Reuben Owen revealed he has split from his girlfriend Sarah Dow during his appearance on Lorraine on Thursday, 16 May.

The 20-year-old farmer shot to fame on his family's show Our Yorkshire Farm as the eldest son of Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen and her ex-husband Clive. Now he has his own show Reuben: Life in the Dales and his romance with Dow had played out on screen.

However, Owen revealed now the couple have since split as he spoke about Dow's new choice for a career. They had been dating since December 2021.

Sarah Dow, Reuben Owen and their friend Tommy on a farm
Reuben Owen has split from girlfriend Sarah Dow. (Channel 5)

Owen wanted to get the news out there as Lorraine Kelly asked him about his relationship with Sarah, with the knowledge that it was over. "Sarah and you were together," she said. "What's happened between the two of you?"

The farmer shared they had split saying: "Me and Sarah were together. We're no longer together."

Owen revealed his girlfriend was following her own career path but said they were still friends. He said: "We're still very good friends. She's gone her own way. She's pursuing her own career. She does the odd day for us when she's not busy. We're not together no more. We still get along very well. We're still good pals."

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The presenter tried to give Owen some reassurance, comparing it to his mum Amanda and dad Clive's split. Kelly said: "That's good. It's the same as your mum and dad really. They might not be together but they're still giving you lots of advice and encouragement and all of that. And your brothers and sisters too."

Reuben Owen (standing) pictured with mum Amanda Owen and his siblings in 2018. (Bruce Adams/ANL/Shutterstock)
Reuben Owen (standing) pictured with mum Amanda Owen and his siblings in 2018. (Bruce Adams/ANL/Shutterstock)

"Yeah, no," Owen replied. "Couldn't wish for better parents. Family are so supportive of us. Dad and mum both come down here and give us support with the machines. They always give us advice and try and keep us on the straight and narrow."

Kelly said: "That's fantastic. I feel as if I know you're whole family. Do you know what it does show, it shows how tough it is, I know you love what you do, and your mum and dad love what they do. It's not easy. There's a lot of what you've not got control of. The weather. I know it's tough but I know that you love it."

Sarah Dow, Reuben Owen and their friend Tommy on a farm
What happened to Reuben and Sarah's trip to France? (Channel 5)

In Life in the Dales last week, viewers saw Owen preparing for a romantic holiday to France with his then girlfriend. Usually fans see the couple getting stuck in on the farm and working incredibly hard. The trip to France was Owen's first trip out of the UK.

Kelly addressed the trip at the start of the interview saying, "You weren't that impressed with abroad were you?"

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Owen admitted he didn't like going abroad. He said: "No, abroad wasn't really for me. It was nice to get out a bit. It was a fair old experience."

In Life on the Dales, it was revealed that the farmer planned to fund the trip to France by buying two vintage tractors to restore with his girlfriend. The couple also headed to a local second-hand book shop to try learn some French phrases. On the show, Owen said: "We're going on a trip to France and our language skills aren't that brilliant."

Reuben Owen: Life in the Dales is streaming on My5.