Rolex theft theory emerges in Jay Slater's disappearance as family continues search in Tenerife

Jay Slater
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The mysterious vanishing of teenager Jay Slater has recently been tied to speculations involving a stolen Rolex watch.

Jay, a 19 year old trainee bricklayer, disappeared on 17 June while on a trip to Tenerife for a three-day music festival with mates. After leaving his friends in the early hours of Monday to head to a secluded Airbnb with other revellers, he embarked on a perilous 11-hour walk back to his lodgings in the island's south.

The search by the Civil Guard was officially halted on Sunday following an extensive near two-week effort. Despite this, Jay's parents, Debbie and Warren, his brother Zak, and a circle of close kin and companions are determined to persist in their quest to locate the young man.

They are bolstered by the £45,000 raised through GoFundMe by well-wishers, as well as the assistance of an ex-police detective and a TikTok detective.

In a heart-wrenching statement issued via LBT Global, a charity aiding families of missing persons abroad, Debbie conveyed the family's anguish: "We are a very close family and are absolutely devastated about his disappearance. Words cannot describe the pain and agony we are experiencing. He is our beautiful boy with his whole life ahead of him and we just want to find him", reports the Mirror.

Concerns surrounding Airbnb

The British former police detective involved with the family of missing teenager Jay has claimed that he left their holiday rental in fear. Mark Williams-Thomas, known for investigating a number of high-profile disappearances, gave this statement about the teen bricklayer apprentice's last actions to update the public.

Furthermore, the television investigator, aged 54, told us that Jay, 19, couldn't return to the accommodation, which was investigated by two local officers donning blue forensic shoe covers. He expressed, "We have received information that would suggest Jay left the rental property feeling scared and that he would not return to the rental, even though that would have been the most sensible course of action, and also where he could have charged his phone and got water."

Additionally, he mentioned, "He was told to go back to the rental. He said he could not do that and that he had already been walking 30 minutes and that he was now off the road and walking on a track, where there were loose stones."

'Stolen Rolex watch'

Unveiling more details about Jay's state of mind before disappearing, Mr Williams-Thomas suggested that on the drive with them towards the dwelling, Jay flaunted a stolen Rolex watch in a social media video.

In a recent video statement released on social media, Mr Williams-Thomas stated: "On route Jay posted a Snapchat saying that they had taken a £12,000 Rolex from a person. We have been unable to validate this in terms of a reported theft. However, friends of Jay he would not make this up and the watch was the subject of a later conversation between them."

There have been reports of an altercation involving a man who allegedly had a valuable Rolex watch snatched outside Papagayo Beach Club, where Jay was seen revelling, shortly after it shut in the early hours of Monday.

MailOnline has information suggesting one of his mates hinted to the police that this incident might be linked to Jay's disappearance. The authorities have confirmed that they are poring over CCTV and security footage as of Saturday.

Broken sunglasses

Meanwhile, TikTok influencer and keen climber Paul Arnott, who is actively searching for Jay in Tenerife, disclosed a potential lead on Monday. The 29 year old, who has the support of Jay's devastated mother Debbie and maintains regular contact with the family, proposed on his channel that a set of damaged sunglasses, similar to ones Jay was known to wear, might be significant in his quest.

Mr Arnott made a statement on TikTok: "Moving forward a lot of new things have come out due to interviews. There are quite a few things I'm gonna chase up today as well. One is a three-word GPS. The other, apart from that, is a pair of sunglasses that were found by a man called Chris, who I'll be meeting up with later today."

Details about a new friend surfaced

Jay was spotted driving back to a holiday rental known as Casua Abuela Tina with two men in their hired car, and later attempted the lengthy trek back to his lodgings on foot. However, the Civil Guard has since communicated that they spoke to these British gentlemen, removing them from their investigation.

One of these gentlemen, Ayub Abdul, who secured the £40-a-night holiday rental digitally, has now been identified. Jay's companion, Brad Hargreaves, described Mr Abdul as 'cool' when he interacted with ITV crime correspondent Isla Traquair.

Brad verified that Jay had encountered the duo three days prior to his disappearance.

During her report, Isla relayed: "The two men that he went to go and stay with, they had met them three days before. They hung out with them, they made friends on holiday. It wasn't two random people he'd met that night. They'd established a friendship and Brad said they seemed like really cool guys."

Jay's friend, Lucy Mae Law, who had gone on the Tenerife holiday with him and was among the last to speak to him before he vanished, recounted her interactions with two men Jay had met. She revealed: "He's gone on a night out, he's gone to a friend's house, someone that he has met on holiday. One of the people he has met has hired a car out of here, so he's driven them back to his apartment and Jay has gone there not realising how far away it is."

Lucy further added: "We managed to find the house. I knocked on the door and there were two people there."

They informed her that after accompanying Jay outside for a cigarette, Jay returned in and expressed his wish to return home. "They told me he'd spoken to the next-door neighbours and they'd told him there was a bus every 10 minutes back down to Los Cristianos," Lucy reported.