Rupert Everett regrets ‘f****** everyone’ when he found fame: ‘Everything was about sex!’

Rupert Everett created a ‘prison’ for himself by ‘f****** everyone’ when he found fame credit:Bang Showbiz
Rupert Everett created a ‘prison’ for himself by ‘f****** everyone’ when he found fame credit:Bang Showbiz

Rupert Everett created a “prison” for himself by “f****** everyone” when he found fame.

The ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ actor, 64, got his break in 1981 at the Greenwich Theatre and later West End production of ‘Another Country’, playing a gay schoolboy opposite Kenneth Branagh, and went on to make films such as 1984’s ‘Another Country’ alongside Cary Elwes and Colin Firth.

He said compared to peers such as Sir Kenneth, 62, he had no idea how to handle the “mechanics of fame” until it was too late.

Rupert told The Times newspaper: “Compared to Kenneth Branagh? What a mess. I had a lot of individuality and raw something, but I never learnt how to focus and, looking back, for me, everything was just about sex. Everything.

“And it felt for a while like liberty, to f*** everyone. But once you’d f***** everyone, or even in the process of f****** everyone, you realised that it then became a prison.

“It was an appetite that wasn’t fulfillable other than just whacking up the numbers.”

Despite his regret, Rupert said he has never been to therapy, adding: “The idea of discovering yourself through therapy is bogus.”

The ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ actor added he has given up his vanity treatments and exercise since getting into his 60s.

Rupert used to be renowned for his gruelling grooming and wellness regime, which has included facial blood injections, Botos and hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

But he told The Times about ditching the procedures – and the gym: “I’ve stopped all that and it’s an enormous relief.

“I don’t really care any more, and I don’t ever look in the mirror.”

The Times reported he added he doesn’t even work out any more and his only exercise is walking the four-year-old Labrador, Pluto, that he shares with his long-term Brazilian partner, Henrique.