Salford council local election 2024 results in full

Labour have secured an expected win at this year's local elections, as the Conservatives lost a seat in a key area.

Labour won a councillor in the Worsley and Westwood Park ward, which was previously held by Conservative councillor Karen Garrido. The election saw the Lib Dems make small gains, winning a second seat in the Salford Quays ward.

It brings Labour to a total of 50 councillors in the town hall, with two Lib Dems, seven Conservatives, and one independent.

Salford mayor Paul Dennett also secured another term in office with a storming victory announced on Saturday, after getting more than 30,000 votes. Mr Dennett said:"It's a fantastic result for Salford Labour. We've taken a seat in the Tory heartland of Worsley which is amazing.

"What that tells me, is that people in Salford will vote for Labour candidates who work hard and speak to the issues that matter to them, and get things done the Salford way.

"We've also taken a seat in the ward of Ordsall where we know we had a Lib Dem councillor who really didn't do his job as a councillor for an entire year, taking an allowance, but spending most of his time in the Cotswolds.

"It's fantastic that we've taken that seat off the Lib Dems and rightly so. It was so close in the Quays and we'll reflect on this, learn from it and hit the ground running in trying to regain that ward for the Labour Party."

Coun Robin Garrido, leader of Salford Conservatives, said his party has bucked the national trend despite losing a council seat.

He said: "Our disappointment of course is losing Westwood Park. We've been holding onto it very tightly for the last two or three years.

"What we have to remember is that four years ago they changed our ward boundaries, it's a totally different ward now, and it was never the safe ward it used to be. We'll win it back again, but this time we struggled."

Mr Garrido accused Salford Labour of misleading voters in the ward over protecting the green belt, an issue which is controversial in the area.

Jonathan Moore, the new Lib Dem councillor in Salford Quays, said it was a "fantastic night" for his party. He becomes the second Lib Dem in Salford's town hall after Paul Heilbron won a by-election earlier this year.

He added: "I've been the final Lib Dem victor in the entire UK elections, I think I'm number 522, and it's the end of a huge cycle where we've saved the best till last.

"People voted for us over Labour because we've delivered a phenomenal amount of things, particularly in the last few months, and that really resonated with voters.

"Secondly, we worked incredibly hard on election day and the days prior to it. Councillor Heilbron has hit the ground running, we work together really well, and this is just the start."

The Green Party fielded candidates in every ward in Salford but did not win any seats. David Jones, who was the Green candidate for Salford mayor, said he was pleased at the progress made, with the party picking up "quite a few second place finishes" in some wards.

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