Scotland's 23C weekend weather as experts say 'enjoy the sun' while it lasts

Crowds on the beach at Portobello as Edinburgh enjoys another day of sun.
The sun is making a comeback in Scotland this weekend -Credit:Ken Jack/Getty Images

The latest forecast for Scotland has predicted some toasty temperatures and sunshine as people are told to 'enjoy the sun' while it's still around.

BBC Weather presenter Judith Ralston has revealed the latest forecast this morning and has confirmed that most of Scotland will be bathed in toasty weather by early afternoon. The expert has said that areas like Fort William and Pitlochry will see highs of 23C today, with the central belt experiencing a scorching 22C by mid-afternoon.

The forecaster also noted that some showers may appear across the most northern parts of Scotland and the eastern areas of the country will experience milder weather compared to the rest of the nation.

In a forecast video on X (formerly Twitter), Judith said: "Another fine day on the cards and the weekend looks predominantly dry as well. Now, we do have some mist and fog patches, particularly around the Inverness area and they'll shift as we head through the morning.

"A bit more cloud courtesy of a weak front across the south and again, that will move away. Now across the western isles, northwestern coast we will continue to see rather cool, cloudy, misty and murky conditions here today."

Met Office weather map.
The Met Office is also predicting hot weather for Scotland -Credit:Met Office

"But, we will start to see temperatures rising quickly widely into the low-20s and those higher temperatures triggering off a few afternoon showers for north Argyll, Lochaber, through the southern highlands and across south west Scotland."

The forecaster also predicted that some haar will be visible for eastern Scotland this evening and moving into Saturday morning - meaning that a cold fog will settle across the east coast overnight.

Judith added: "Always cooler along the east coast with an onshore breeze. Some late sunshine, showers dying away but haar becoming really quite prevalent for eastern Scotland, extending across the lowlands as well. Clouding over in the north as we head through tonight and it will be mild."

The five-day forecast for the UK from the Met Office has predicted some potentially thundery showers for parts of Scotland today, particularly around the Fort William and Pitlochry area by 4pm. These will clear up quickly by 5pm and the sunny skies will return.

Forecasters at the Met Office have also noted that the high temperatures will continue into Saturday, May 18, with highs of 21C around the Pitlochry area and 20C across the central belt by 1pm.

Temperatures will rise to 22C in Glasgow by 4pm on Saturday as the eastern areas of Scotland will see highs of 16C.

Sunday, May 19 will be slightly milder across Scotland with highs of 18C across Fort William and 17C across the central belt into the afternoon. The beginning of next week will also remain in the mid-teens for temperatures for Scotland with highs of 17C across the country and some cloud appearing by May 20.

BBC Weather's five-day forecast for the UK

Today's forecast

This morning will see mist and fog clear to leave sunny spells for many areas. A few isolated, showers will develop in the afternoon, possibly thundery in Scotland. A warm day.

Tonight's forecast

Dry with clear spells and variable cloud at first tonight, but low cloud, mist and fog will spread in off the North Sea. Showery spells of rain will move into south-east England in the early hours.

Saturday's forecast

Tomorrow will see cloudy skies and showery rain in southern England, falling heavy at times with a risk of thunder. Mist and fog will clear further north to leave sunny spells and variable cloud.

Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday

Sunday will see cloud and a few light showers in Scotland. Drier elsewhere with sunny spells and patchy cloud for most. The odd shower on the south coast in the afternoon.

Monday will see fog clear to leave sunny spells for many areas. A few showers in the north-west later on. Tuesday will see sunshine and showers in the north. Sunny at first in the south, unsettled later on.

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